10 years of real-world EV marketing experience

As an agency Capsule Marketing has grown and evolved with e-mobility and delivered a whole range of marketing solutions to the sector in this time.

With EVs in the company fleet and seasoned EV drivers ourselves, we are truly immersed in the sector and aware of the challenges faced by both EV drivers and businesses. Using our true-living EV experience and expertise, we have worked with clients as they evolve in the e-mobility sector, from branding, to launching new EV products and services, campaigns/marketing and video production/drone filming.

Download our video marketing guide!


    Download our video marketing guide!


      An agency who truly understands e-Mobility

      Our team are passionate about helping clients to meet their business objectives with effective marketing strategies. As the market continues to boom, we are supporting our clients to understand the best ways to reach their audience, drive new leads and increase brand awareness across this growing market.

      • Extensive EV/mobility experience across the sector with UK and global organisations
      • EV driver experience of 10 years
      • Full range of services from branding, campaigns/marketing, video production/drone filming
      • Sustainable heritage of 12 years – people and planet first 


      Gilbarco Veeder-Root EVerse infographic

      Is your EV marketing strategy powering up?

      We have an understanding of the industry as a whole across charge point manufacturers, SaaS, telematics, mapping sites, charge point operators. Our skilled team bring expertise in design, development, B2B lead generation and account based marketing.

      Our team of creatives and data experts will bring your ideas to life, craft an effective marketing strategy or create engaging content to deliver results. 

      We’d love to chat with you about our experience and believe we can bring a whole new level to your marketing, with our breadth of knowledge and understanding.

      Simon Isaac

      Simon Isaac

      Simon is the founder of Capsule Marketing and has been working in the transport, mobility and EV sectors for over 10 years. He’s a true advocate of sustainable transport, with a broad understanding of the landscape in a very unique way, both as an EV driver of +8 years and as a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, as a strategic specialist.

      He’s worked with brands including EVerse, VivaCity, Gilbarco Veeder-Root and DP World to evolve their own strategies and marketing.

      We have many project examples in the sector to share, including R&D labs, virtual driving cube and track filming work.

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