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Capsule’s custom web shops boast all the functionality a business needs to enhance user experience, as well as ensure an efficient sales process.

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Unlimited products

Capsule’s custom platform allows you to add as many products as you wish. However simple or complex they may be, the platform is especially designed to host them in the most effective way.

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Add in logos and branding to completely customize and tailor the platform to your brand or sub-brand, with ease.

Always devices, all the time

Built to resemble an app, Capsule’s platform is built with mobile and tablet users in mind. Many similar tools are desktop-based or used on an intranet system. Ours is available from anywhere with an internet connection, 24 hours a day.

Payment Gateways

The Capsule demo platform has the integrated ability to be used with top payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe and SagePay, just to name a few.

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Our Work


Capsule was approached by Scope, they were looking for a new tool to help them manage their internal ordering and fulfilment for furniture in the education sector. This solution would need to be used by staff on a daily basis to perform a range of tasks and consolidate a few different processes, therefore it needed to be user-friendly and most importantly, agile.

The tool would need to be accessible across multiple devices due to the varying end users who would be using it on a day to day basis, as well as to be available from anywhere.

The requirements from the client made it clear that a web platform would be the best solution to cater for multiple devices, users and physical sites.


During the proposal process, many ideas and solutions were considered including ‘off the shelf’ products and platforms.

A common problem with ‘off the shelf’ solutions is that they don’t allow for customisation, making it difficult to fulfil the requirements of a solution.

Capsule wanted to ensure every requirement was met for the client, so the option of an ‘off the shelf’ solution was not possible.

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Solution provided

Capsule provided to the client with a custom web shop based on WordPress and Woocommerce with a large section of custom development added to meet our clients requirements.

Using WordPress and Woocommerce allowed us to develop on top of one of the most popular Content Management Systems available, as well as utilise the existing framework and extend the functionality further. The WordPress platform on its own would not allow us to achieve the solution we proposed to our client, however, our custom development work allowed the advanced features required.

The complete solution presented to the client allowed users to log on to a secure platform and place internal furniture order requests, which are both logged and also emailed directly to multiple emails. Although a payment solution wasn’t required, however, we built a payment gateway into the platform so that it could be utilised at a later date if needed.


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