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White Days at Work

At Capsule, we are great believers in taking time for personal development at work. It not only allows time for internal relationship-building but also re-energises the team. For this reason, we make time for ‘white days’ bi-monthly. So our team have a day away from the day-to-day and get together to build on skills and knowledge or discuss the future ahead.

Creative Design Museum

Humanity’s Best Friend – Today we were lucky enough to take a trip to London where we visited the Design Museum for a day full of inspiration and revelations. We started the journey taking a walk around the Beazley Designs of the Year exhibition, which consisted of all the nominated designs across fashion, digital, transport, product and graphic design from the past year.

Feeling privileged to witness such remarkable design work, we were looking for inspiration to refine our work and fuel our creative thinking. As a team, we were in our element with so many beautiful and innovative designs to look at.

Our developers, Chris and Georgia, were eyeing up the latest tech-savvy gadgets and the future of innovation and technology. Our managing director, Simon, spent a lot of his time gazing over all the elegant and intricate furniture designs. While account manager, Sakura, and designer, Kelly, were seen examining the latest trends in graphic design. From everything to digital electronic posters to minimal, eye-catching iconography and logo designs.

After the exhibition, we ventured further around the museum finding all sorts of impressive and compelling design work, looking at the history of some of the biggest brands around the world including the likes of Apple, Sony, and Nikon among others, learning how their designs have revolutionised the world we live in.

Re-Group and Refine

Later in the day, we took a trip across London to Liverpool Street. Subject to a few shopping habits, we took a detour to a few design-focused shops on the way. Eventually re-grouping and filling ourselves with a tasty lunch at the lovely Drake and Morgan restaurant in Devonshire Square. After our meal, we sat down and discussed the successful and rewarding year we have had at Capsule. As well as how we are going to implement what we had seen in our work. This will guide us and help to improve upon the year ahead. We also spoke about some exciting, up and coming projects for Capsule that we can’t wait to get stuck into.

After a fun and thought-provoking day, the Capsule team continues to work hard in an exciting year ahead. While white days will continue to play an integral part in fuelling our passion for creative design. Click here for further insights into Capsule.