10 TipTop TikTok Tips

by Fran Smith on 10th October 2023

Earlier in September, I attended Brighton SEO and had the pleasure of attending various talks and seminars on a whole host of topics within digital marketing, from content to email to social media to, of course, SEO. And whilst all parts of the event were extremely insightful and useful, there was one group of talks that I particularly enjoyed, and that was on the topic of TikTok.

Like many people, in my personal life, I love TikTok and spend plenty of time each week watching a variety of content on the platform, although I can always guarantee there’ll be Disney and dogs in there for sure… After all, the app knows me well. But, I also know that, on a professional level, many businesses can be unsure of 1) whether TikTok is the platform for them and 2) where to even start with a TikTok strategy. That being said, TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in history and with the introduction of TikTok shop, the platform has become a key sales channel for many businesses. 

Luckily, the talks I attended gave detail into both of these areas as well as sharing other useful insights, and I’ve summarised all the information that was shared in a series of 10 top tips below.


My 10 TipTop TikTok Tips from Brighton SEO


1. The TikTok algorithm needs to be fed a continuous stream of regular, unique content, so you should only consider adding TikTok to your marketing strategy if you can commit to posting regularly and factor this into your content plan. 

2. TikTok is the home of GenZ. Think about this audience before creating your video – how will you tailor the content to them? Is a GenZ audience the one you want to target? If not, TikTok may not be the right platform.

3. Make sure your content is native to TikTok. Videos filmed on other platforms do not resonate well on TikTok. The good news is that they also do not need to comply with other platform standards, such as Google.

4. If you’re unsure of what approach to take in your content, there are 2 stand-out approaches that work well on TikTok:

A recurring persona/character – see this example by Duolingo

Appealing to a target subculture – for example, #mumsoftiktok

5. When designing your content, make sure your hook comes immediately. A TikTok user usually decides in the first 2 seconds of landing on a video whether to watch or scroll.

6. Remember that TikTok listens to your ads, so even if your copy is displayed within the creative and you overlay music or sound effects, make sure you say the copy out loud to help TikTok understand your content better. 

7.The TikTok algorithm is interested in your supporting information. When you post your TikTok live, take time to consider your post content and make sure this reflects the video content accurately, as well as using keywords etc. 

8. Keyword research is relevant to TikTok but is not automatically aligned with Google search results, so Google keyword planner is not accurate for this platform. Whilst TikTok does have its own tool for keyword research, this is more tailored to ad content. For organic TikToks, use the search features within the platform to conduct your own research on what keywords show up as a suggestion.

9. If you’re considering how to factor TikTok into your media plan, consider where it sits on a 70/20/10 scale:

Spend 70% of the budget on tried & tested platforms/content which is low-risk and high-performing

Spend 20% of the budget on low-risk tests which generate a low reward if successful

Spend 10% of the budget on high-risk tests with the potential for high reward

10. Although your TikToks should be native to the platform, remember that they can also be used as valuable content on your website. Embed your videos on your website to support your SEO strategy, as well as direct your GenZ customers to follow you on a platform that resonates with them.

Ready to factor TikTok into your digital marketing strategy? Take a look at how we supported the NHS to run a TikTok campaign during the pandemic with the aim of encouraging COVID vaccinations in young adults. Find out more here.

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Written by Fran Smith

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