An Intro to Website Wireframing

by Georgia Monk on 27th October 2023

What is wireframing?


Wireframing is a method used to develop the basic visual layout and functionality of a website or application design, focusing on the overall layout of the content, user experience, and site flow. By keeping things basic, a wireframe allows us to identify and break down important content, categorise information, and structure and organise ideas.


In its most basic form, a wire frame consists of a visual representation of the navigation, grey panels where imagery/video should be placed and place-holder copy such as lorum-ipsum. However, we can progress this to a more fully developed visual if copy and imagery are supplied.

Once the layout is finalised, we can then progress to prototyping. Applications such as Adobe xD and Figma allows us to create a dummy version of the site or application quickly. We can use this to identify user behaviour trends and improve overall user engagement.


Wireframing is an essential step in the design and development of any modern website or application. It helps us identify and eliminate issues before development starts, saving time and money. If you feel your website could do with a refresh, contact us today to learn more.


Our wireframing tips


  • Mobile first – over 50% of website traffic comes from mobile users, so websites should be designed with a mobile-first mindset. 


  • Focus on the user – usability, navigation and accessibility should be at the forefront of any design.


  • Keep things consistent – establishing a consistent design language prohibits users from getting confused. 


  • Categorise content – structure your valuable content and prioritise information on each page accordingly. 


  • Annotate! Clear annotations let others understand your design thinking.


If you need any help with your website or want to expand your web knowledge then please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.


Georgia Monk

Written by Georgia Monk

Georgia is our Lead Website Developer with a fantastic knowledge of the WordPress content management system. After completing her apprenticeship and working as a frontend developer at a local agency she joined our team. A typical day for Georgia involves building and maintaining websites for all of our clients. Georgia has a bright and bubbly personality that is reflected through her work. Despite being a web developer extraordinaire, at the weekend she’s a dance superstar running her own school. Some say she brings a whole new lease of life to the kick-ball-change, all we know is that she’s a huge chocolate lover and adores her new pet kittens!

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