Our Top 3 Favourite Frontend Animations

by Georgia Monk on 28th January 2022

It’s no surprise we love frontend animations when building our websites. Every site you see in our case studies section is bespoke and has something different and unique which is why we take pride in all our builds. Due to the vast difference in types of business, we take each client and brief as a new challenge and ensure we sit down and scope all elements needed. Once this is outlined our fantastic creative team gets to work to create a wireframe with the new website design laid out with user interaction standards thought throughout. Then it gets passed to the developer team where we can add a little bit of animation magic and bring those flat designs to life!

There are an endless amount of styles that you can add to an element, for example on a button hover you can add styles to change its background or border radius so it’s rounder, adding a solid or dashed border, grow or shrink in size the list goes on. All of these effects will add some depth and interaction but by adding animation we are starting that user interaction at first glance. This could be by making the button pulse, automatically drawing the attention of the user.


Animate.css is one of our favourites due to its simplistic design but vast options! It’s a lightweight library that allows us to fade, bounce, zoom elements into and out of the page! Our clients love it and so do we, adding that additional layer of customer interaction as well as highlighting important call-to-actions and pieces of content.


If you’re a developer, CodePen is a second home. CodePen is a social development environment for front-end designers and developers with the option to build code, share their work with others and also use other supplied code for inspiration. We dedicate time every week to research new ideas, layouts, features and code elements that could be perfect for our clients and the content they need to display on their website. We push above and beyond standard boundaries to ensure every client’s site is perfect for them.

Parallax Scrolling

Another great way to introduce a 3D effect to your website is to introduce parallax scrolling. This is where the image stretches behind your content block so as you scroll it appears as if it’s scrolling in another direction. There are a few different ways you can use this element to create moving blocks on your site. Take a look at how we achieved this effect on CBA Gin’s website making its look and feel even more engaging with some wonderful photography.

The list is endless as web development is always updating, changing and evolving but these are our favourite top 3 animation elements to help bring our websites to life. Take a look at some of our web development case studies.

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