The Power of Flexibility: How Remote Work is Transforming Our Agency

by Besjona Morina on 9th June 2023

In today’s digital world, remote work is becoming increasingly popular especially during the Covid-19 pandemic which is when a lot of companies made the switch to remote working. With the rise of digital marketing, companies are now looking for ways to increase their efficiency and productivity while reducing overhead costs. This is where remote first agencies come in.

A remote-first agency is a digital marketing agency that works solely online with occasional meet ups. This means all employees work remotely from different locations either nationwide or worldwide and collaborate through various tools such as Slack, Zoom, Google Docs, and more. Remote first agencies can provide various services like web design, content creation, SEO optimisation, and more without needing physical offices or on-site staff. Capsule Marketing switched to remote first working in September 2022; since then, we have developed our working styles and found fun new ways to work.


So what are the benefits of remote work, and how has it transformed our agency?


1. Thinking outside the box


To adapt to this new way of working, our team has had to think creatively and explore alternative communication methods to ensure that our company culture remains strong and everyone stays connected. We constantly strive to think outside the box and improve our collaboration methods to produce high-quality work, all while keeping efficiency in mind. Our journey towards remote work success has been a learning experience, and has pushed us to find new and innovative ways to collaborate and produce excellent work.


2. Flexibility 


Since transitioning to remote work, we have enjoyed newfound flexibility regarding our work location. This freedom has improved our work-life balance, granting us greater control over our schedules and allowing us to manage our time better. We are able to adjust our working location to suit our work and personal lives. Having the option to do this has had overwhelmingly positive effects on our productivity and overall fulfilment in our personal and professional lives.


3. Communication 


Working remotely can make staying on top of communication challenging without the usual office environment. However, here at Capsule we prioritise communication even in our remote-first setup. We use many different communication tools, including Slack, Skype, email, and WhatsApp, to determine the most effective option for us. We are always on the lookout and are open to new communication methods. This has played a crucial role in maintaining a strong sense of connection within our team and allowed us to use the most effective methods depending on the situation at hand.


4. Employee satisfaction 


Our remote-first approach is the crucial ingredient in our success. By being able to work from anywhere, we can maintain a healthy work-life balance, leading to high job satisfaction levels. The flexibility to choose our work environment and schedule has played a big part in achieving this. We can now attend to our personal matters without it hindering our work responsibilities, resulting in us feeling happier and more dedicated meaning we are consistently delivering excellent results. 


5. Save time and money 


Working remotely and not having to deal with commuting and traffic is a huge advantage. Not having to commute gives us more time to concentrate on our work and also allows us to have more personal time especially since we’re not stuck in traffic when we clock out! The money saved from not having an office is used for other things, like employee training and can also be used when we want to work in different locations. It’s always great to see when a company cares about employee’s growth and development and having extra budget to do this is definitely a plus.

6. Better for the environment 


Remote work is a great way to reduce emissions and positively impact the environment since switching our commuting has decreased. We have also massively reduced our paper consumption as we store most documents online. It’s truly inspiring to be part of a company that prioritises its employees’ well-being and also takes responsibility for its impact on the planet and as a member of the team, I am proud that we are all working together towards creating a sustainable future. 

Besjona Morina

Written by Besjona Morina

Besjona is our marketing assistant, an advertising graduate from the University of East London. During her time at Capsule, she has developed her skills in Marketing. She also works alongside Debbie to help with the admin side of things, ensuring the correct payments are made. You’ll normally find her working in Mailchimp, creating reports and content.In her free time, she likes keeping fit by going to the gym, reading new books, baking and finding a new destination to travel to!

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