WordPress Vs Drupal: Which CMS Should You Choose?

by Georgia Monk on 7th January 2022

There’s an ongoing battle of which content management system to use when building your new website so we’ve put together some points about WordPress Vs Drupal. WordPress is used by 43% of websites worldwide whereas Drupal is only used by 2%. Read on to see the differences between some of the main points to building a website.

Is WordPress Easier to Use Than Drupal?


We choose WordPress to build on because it means our clients will walk away with a site built to their specifications that they can easily manage and update themselves. In addition, as you grow and evolve your team, they are more likely to have an understanding of how to use the WordPress CMS.


Drupal is a very developer-driven platform, and you will need to be more reliant on the agency to make even the simplest of updates, as they are built on custom-coded themes developed by the agency.

Which CMS is More Secure, WordPress or Drupal?


Due to the number of sites on the internet built with WordPress, the security figures you generally see quoted are skewed by the smaller, less secure blogger sites. Our ultra-secure approach to building our websites ensures high-level security is a priority for every site we create.

The insecurity of some WordPress sites is a result of several factors, including that 43% of websites run on WordPress, so specialising in hacking WordPress has economies of scale for those inclined. Moreover, most insecurity results from human error, not the platform itself, and the larger the (nonsecurity savvy) human pool, the greater the risk. At Capsule, we build the site from scratch using unique code every time and include other defences against potential threats to your site.


Drupal sites can be locked down, which makes them popular with government agencies and high-security institutions. It’s worth noting that this advantage stems more from human error than it does flaws in the WordPress core.

Which is Cheaper Out Of Drupal and WordPress?


WordPress is a simple yet powerful platform. Ongoing development costs can be more manageable, whilst day-to-day management is much more cost-effectively managed by your own in-house team.


There will be more development costs associated with a Drupal build, and you may find yourselves more reliant on the development team at your chosen agency.

Want to know more? Download our handy FREE WordPress Vs Drupal Fact sheet here. We also have a free to download guide on whether your website is ready for 2022.

Georgia Monk

Written by Georgia Monk

Georgia is our Lead Website Developer with a fantastic knowledge of the WordPress content management system. After completing her apprenticeship and working as a frontend developer at a local agency she joined our team. A typical day for Georgia involves building and maintaining websites for all of our clients. Georgia has a bright and bubbly personality that is reflected through her work. Despite being a web developer extraordinaire, at the weekend she’s a dance superstar running her own school. Some say she brings a whole new lease of life to the kick-ball-change, all we know is that she’s a huge chocolate lover and adores her new pet kittens!

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