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LinkedIn Ads vs Facebook Ads: Which One is For You? 

by Capsule Marketing on 4th December 2020

Now if we were to urge this question 3 years ago Facebook vs LinkedIn, it would no doubt have been Facebook. The notion being because LinkedIn was nowhere near as intuitive and did not have the volume. Fast forward to today, and LinkedIn is approaching 700 million users. In comparison to Facebooks’ 2.5 billion. But with 90 million LinkedIn users classed as senior-level influencers, and 63 million are in decision-making positions, it takes it to new levels.  

In this guide, we will look solely at the paid advertising for each platform and break it down so you can get a better idea of which one suits you. We will look at the following:

LinkedIn Campaign Monitor vs Facebook Business Manager

While both platforms in 2020 are just as sophisticated as each other, each platform comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Both have advanced tracking options and in-depth analysis available, and both the ability to learn your audience overtime to make your ads as targeted as possible. 

Why Advertise on LinkedIn?

With a more professional outlook towards networking, marketing and general social activity, LinkedIn is regularly used with a business-minded approach and by more high-level industry professionals.

The type of information users reveals on their LinkedIn profiles revolves heavily around their professional careers. This includes experience, skills, job functions and company, which is why it makes targeting ads towards these demographics far easier. This information is far more valuable should you be a B2B business interested in targeting other business professionals.  92% of B2B marketers include LinkedIn in their digital marketing mix.

Why Advertise on Facebook?

On the other hand, people use Facebook for a more personal, day-to-day experience. Which makes targeting other business professionals as you would do in B2B marketing very limited. This does, however, make Facebook the perfect choice for businesses looking to do B2C marketing. Users tend to reveal much more personal information about themselves on Facebook, such as hobbies, interests, relationship status, etc. This allows B2C businesses to narrow down the type of audience they want to see their ads.

Which platform is best suited for which type of business?

Suppose you were selling the latest clothing trends. In that case, you may want to target an audience based on their interests or shopping habits in which case Facebook would be the viable option. 

If you provide a marketing/brand development service, to a wholesaler or manufacturer — you may prefer LinkedIn. It allows you to target business owners, and other key decision-makers based on their job roles, seniority levels and skills. 

Is it more expensive to advertise on Facebook or LinkedIn?

Well, the short answer is LinkedIn. But this is heavily dependent on your objective. Suppose your goal is to increase your reach and to advertise to anyone and everyone. In that case, Facebook is your cheaper option. But for the vast majority of people, It’s much more than this. 

While the industry average cost-per-click on Facebook of £0.78, is far lower than LinkedIn of between £4-£6. The choice of platform has to be down to which audience base is more relevant to your business. The value of the audience should ultimately be the determining factor. Not the monetary value. 

Why do you need a team of digital marketing professionals behind you?

Paid social media advertising can be a great way to accelerate your brands’ metrics, whether that be conversions, brand awareness, reach or leads. But without having a strategy or a buyer persona in mind nor delivering your ads correctly, it can waste you a lot of money. 

Here at Capsule, we take care of it all. From targeting, to design to delivery to optimisation. This gives you the time to focus on running your business. If you are looking for an experienced team of marketing professionals to support you on your digital marketing journey, then contact Capsule today.

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