Brand Development & Strategy Services

Our highly qualified team of brand strategists take a tailored approach to brand development, delivering new brand identities, brand propositions and brand positioning strategies.

Enquire about our services

    Enquire about our services

      We believe in including our clients in the brand development process. We identify client aspirations and converge them with our branding and marketing expertise. This enables us to create strong brands that resonate with their target audience and your team can embrace.

      We can undertake each of our brand development services as its own ad-hoc project or we can provide a full brand development package.

      Our complete brand development packages include market research, brand positioning, creating your brand proposition, designing a brand identity and brand identity usage guidelines for ongoing use.

      We can also support you when it comes to adding new products and services to your current brand or support your in-house branding teams.

      Mapping out a brand

      How can brand identity and positioning help my business?

      • Increases brand equity
      • Strong brand identity means prospects/customers will know exactly what your business delivers
      • Increases brand recognition

      Our team of brand strategists will work closely with your business to ensure that together we create a strong brand identity for your products and services that will resonate with your target audience to increase conversion rate.


      Key features of our brand development service

      • Proven brand strategy process, uniquely tailored to each client’s requirements
      • Interactive brand development workshops with qualified facilitators
      • Brand design service based on qualified research and analysis
      • Development of language, tone and style, colours, fonts and imagery
      • A creative and inventive approach
      • Create a clear sense of purpose through your branding

      If you need support in developing your new brand or evolving your current brand then get in touch with us.


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      Brand Strategy and creation

      Our brand strategy service is unique and tailored to each of our client’s requirements but every brand we work to create will follow a similar process. This is a process that we’ve honed over our years of experience in this industry.

      The first step in our process is conducting market and customer research. This allows us to understand your competitors as well as what the current market is lacking. It also highlights what your potential customers wants and needs from a brand in your sector.

      After we’ve conducted and presented our market research findings we will then create a strategy to position your brand in the current market in the best possible way. While still making sure it has room to grow in the future as the marketplace evolves.

      Once the brand position has been established the next step is to start creating your new brand so that it aligns with the brand positioning and stands out in the wider market. This is where the common features, such as the brand identity, start to come together.

      If your business is made up of multiple brands then we will examine your current brand architecture to keep this streamlined and easy to manage while still keeping each brand as its own separate entity.


      Market & Audience Research

      Our brand market research service utilises a mix of both desk research and focus groups to create a full picture of the current market and how your current brand is perceived. We work together with our clients to determine a list of online and offline competitors and then group them into aspirational and regular competitors.

      Once we have our list of competitors we will then begin to explore their brands, the wider market and consumer trends within your sector. Once we have explored your competitor brands we can start to look at how your branding compares to your competitors, including how it’s currently perceived within the market.

      With this research in hand, we can then start to explore the best way to either reposition your current brand or create a new brand to align with what consumers are looking for.

      When we conduct a full brand development piece of work our market research becomes part of every stage of the process, creating a constant feedback loop.

      Reviewing brand strategies as a team


      Brand Positioning

      What is brand positioning?

      Brand positioning is something you may have heard of before but it’s never been made clear as to what it means. Simply put, brand positioning describes how your brand is different from your competitors and what your customers think of when they hear your brand. It’s more than just a logo or strapline, it’s what sets your business apart.


      Our Brand Positioning Service

      With the brand research completed our expert team of brand strategists will get to work with positioning your brand within the marketplace. This involves taking the research conducted and further mapping out what consumers actually want from a brand in your sector, understanding what your company has to offer potential customers and how each of your competitors position their brand.

      Once we have the answers to these questions it’s time for our team to create a brand position that is unique to your business. We will consider how to make sure your new brand or rebrand resonates with your current and future customers, reflects what your company can deliver and what problems you help to solve. Finally, we make sure it’s distinct and differentiated from your competitors.

      The final step is to make sure that the brand position is reflected across the whole brand. This covers the way you communicate, your packaging design, products/services and the whole visual identity that surrounds your brand.

      The benefits of successful brand positioning can be huge and it can make or break your business. Brands that are consistently presented to their customers and the wider market can expect to see a 10-20% increase in revenue.

      Our proven brand strategy process is uniquely tailored to your requirements and helps you to develop a brand positioning strategy based on the qualified research and analysis already undertaken.


      Brand Naming

      Once a brand position has been established we can then start work on creating the name of your new brand. We combine our market research with what we’ve learned from our brand positioning to make sure that your new brand name reflects the position of your brand. It also has to be memorable, stand out from your competitors and your target audience responds well to the new name.

      As part of this process, we will also look at any trademarks that could present any issues, how the brand name translates into other languages as well as making sure that there are domain names to use for your website and email addresses. Once we have created a shortlist of potential brand names we will present these along with our reasoning behind each choice.

      Team discussing brand names


      Brand Architecture

      What is brand architecture?

      Brand architecture is the organisational structure of a company’s overall brand, portfolio of brands, sub-brands and products. An example of brand architecture would be Alphabet (Google’s parent company). The main brand or holding company is Alphabet, quietly operating in the background. A sub-brand of Alphabet would be Google or Nest. Finally, the product brand is the individual service or product. For example, Google Pay, Google Search and Google Assistant.

      If your business has recently made an acquisition or has grown organically in response to customer demand then we can support you in creating a brand architecture. Our aim is to make your brand architecture simple to manage and yet still give each brand the room to grow.


      Brand Propositions

      Developing a clear, well-defined unique value proposition can truly help companies grow.

      Our creative and inventive approach to brand propositions helps you to develop a clear sense of purpose through your branding. This helps you clearly communicate the special benefits you offer over your competitors and explain how you solve the existing problems your customers face.

      Our model works, from defining target audience personas through to developing brand values and unique messaging to serve your brand to the right audience with the right messaging. Our brand proposition also serves to brief marketing and design teams on identity and campaign development.

      We have a proven track record in creating powerful brand propositions that reposition and redefine existing brands and launch new and emerging brands.

      Brand Design Services

      Our brand design services are about creating the recognisable building blocks of your brand. Commonly this includes a logo, straplines, colour palette, typography, iconography and image style. Our team of strategists work closely with our designers to create a creative and unique face for your brand that underpins the brand positioning and market research.

      Working on brand creative

      Brand Identity

      Your brand identity is the collection of all brand elements a company uses to portray the right image of itself to existing and prospective customers. Your brand identity covers all of the visual elements that your customers come into contact with. This can include:

      • Logos
      • Typography
      • Colour palettes
      • Iconography
      • Photography
      • Stationery
      • Brochures
      • Website design
      • Packaging
      • Brand messaging
      • Marketing materials
      • Promotional materials
      • Signage
      • Staff uniforms
      • Training documents
      • Vehicle livery

      Our strategists work with our designers to create a strong brand identity that delivers on the brand positioning and differentiates from your competitors. Helping you to stand out.

      Your brand identity is what forges the connection between you and your customers, it builds customer loyalty and determines how your customers will perceive your brand.

      Our interactive brand identity workshops with qualified facilitators help you to develop the language, tone and visual style for your business.


      Brand Guidelines

      Brand guidelines help to create consistent experiences and ensure that your brand is presented correctly whenever customers come into contact with your brand. This keeps all of your teams on the same page including designers, marketers and PRs.

      Brand guidelines can be simple documents that list the correct logos to use, font styles and colours. They can also be in-depth documents that cover tone of voice, how the customer should feel along with templates for stationery, presentations and adverts.

      Our brand guidelines service is all about collecting the information from the brand research, brand positioning and brand identity phases to create a single source of truth on how your brand should be presented at all times.

      The brand guidelines we create are entirely based on what our customers want and need. For some customers with their own in-house design team, they can be extremely comprehensive and can cover even the smallest brand details. For other customers, they may just need a quick checklist they can refer to and make sure everything looks correct. We can also supply document templates such as letterheads, email footers and presentations.

      By setting out your brand guidelines each member of the team can own the branding and how the business is presented. This provides a consistent image in the customers mind and reduces the need for a designer to fix simple mistakes.

      Your specialist team of experts

      Kelly Thake

      Kelly Thake

      Kelly is one of our Graphic Designers and is a lover of all things print and digital. With a BA in Graphic Design from Norwich University and qualifications in UX/UI design, wireframing and team management she leads our design and branding services. She considers ‘the idea’ to be the most important part of the design process, and enjoys using this ‘idea’ to stretch projects further and create a more coherent outcome. Outside of work, Kelly is very active; climbing, swimming and playing badminton most weeks. Luckily we know that we can keep her still at work with a packet of ginger nuts and a milky hot chocolate.

      Eleanor Morath - Graphic Designer

      Eleanor Morath

      Eleanor is one of our Junior Designers and loves to bring ideas to life. Eleanor joined us after achieving a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Suffolk where she also completed a design internship. She really enjoys coming up with new concepts and her favourite part of design is when an idea ‘clicks’ and all the possibilities are endless. Outside of work, Eleanor is a keen gamer and can often be found playing the latest pc games (It is no coincidence that her favourite games have a lot of design aspects!). She is also an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her cat, Casper, and puppy, Pixie.

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.