Digital Marketing Audits

Our digital marketing audits are designed to give your marketing results a boost by taking the time to look at each individual digital channel and how they work together. Our digital audits are unique and tailored to your business, we don’t use off the shelf tools to spit out a report.

Enquire about our services

    Enquire about our services

      Why Audit Your Marketing?

      Digital marketing audits are designed to review your current marketing strategy and performance alongside your business’s goals while also uncovering where your competitors are performing better. Like a car service, it’s important to review how your marketing is performing and where improvements can be made. When was the last time your digital marketing had an audit?

      Businesses usually come to us for an audit when they start to notice a decline in their marketing performance. This could range from small issues such as:

      • A drop in website traffic
      • Increasing CPA
      • Declining open rates or increasing unsubscribes
      • Less interaction on social media

      To larger problems including:

      • A drop in leads and sales
      • Negative reviews
      • Being penalised by search or social media algorithm changes

      With all the auditing tools out there and frameworks created to help you audit your digital marketing performance, you’re probably wondering why you’d pay someone to carry out an audit for you. At Capsule, we don’t just use tools that give generic recommendations such as:

      • Improve your site load speed
      • Improve your quality score to reduce your CPC
      • Test email subject lines to see what resonates with your audience

      We give you useful, actionable insights that when applied will ensure your digital marketing audit pays for itself in increased ROI.

      Digital Check Up – What we look at

      Our digital audits are completely unique to your business and budgets which means we work with you to decide the scope of your audit.

      Sometimes you just want a review of your SEO or social media strategy and performance. Other times, such as an end of year review, a deep dive into all of the digital marketing channels can uncover new opportunities and growth for your business.
      All of our audits come with recommendations that you can either implement yourself or we can take care of these for you!

      Design team working

      Digital marketing channels/aspects we audit


      SEO – Technical, On Page & Off Site

      Our SEO experts here at Capsule will review everything you’re managing, from the keywords you’re targeting on each page, the internal links and anchor text across the site to your backlink profile. As our SEO pros make their way through your site they will provide recommendations on where you can improve your SEO strategy as well as individual enhancements.

      Our SEO Services
      SEO Audits
      Website Audits

      Website Audit

      If your website is starting to feel a bit sluggish or you’re unsure whether it still meets the needs of your users then our website audit will let you know. Our developers will review the site performance, making sure it loads quickly and works across all devices and browsers. Our designers will review your website against UX best practices, your competitors and your goals to ensure that everything is aligned.

      Our Web Services

      PPC Audits

      As a team of PPC experts and a Google Partner we can confidently audit your PPC accounts. We will review the account from top to bottom including:

      • Account structure
      • Keywords
      • Ad copy
      • Landing pages
      • Negative keywords

      Once the audit has been completed we will compile a list of improvements you can make to your ad account to reduce your cost per click (CPC), reduce your cost per sale/lead (CPA) and increase your return on investment.

      Our PPC Services
      PPC Audits
      Website Architecture Audits

      Website Architecture

      Our website developers, designers and digital teams will combine forces to review your website architecture. By combining forces we can make sure that your website architecture supports your search goals but also provides a good user experience and guides users to the actions you want them to take once they reach your site.

      Content Audits

      The scope of content audits can be as large or small as you want them to be and your budget allows. During a full content audit we will look at your digital communications as a whole including:

      • Website copy
      • Ad copy
      • Social media posts
      • Digital downloads, such as case studies, whitepapers and guides

      Just like our website architecture audits, our content audits utilise members from multiple departments. Our copywriters review the copy to make sure it conveys the message you want and your brand tone of voice is consistent, our digital team make sure that your copy will perform well in search and our sales and business development team will also get involved to make sure it meets your business goals.

      Content Audits
      Analytics audits

      Analytics Audits

      With Google’s Universal Analytics being replaced with Google Analytics 4 now is the perfect time to review your analytics setup. Our digital team will review your website and analytics set up to make sure that all of the important user interactions are being tracked such as video views, downloads and contact form completions. We will also make sure that all your goals and events from Universal Analytics have been transferred to your Google Analytics 4 set up.

      Audience Audits

      As your business grows and evolves so do your customers, competitors and the sector you operate in. Our strategists will review your current audience targeting and user personas to make sure that they’re still accurate and if not we can help you review and update these. Knowing what your audience wants, needs and looks like is vital when it comes to targeting for paid social and informing paid search keywords and ad copy.

      Audience Audits
      Competitor audits

      Competitor Audits

      Our competitor audits are designed to review what your competitors are doing in the digital marketing space. We then compare this to your strategy and your digital marketing activity to uncover new opportunities, highlight your strengths and reduce your weaknesses.

      Marketing Reporting Audits

      Your marketing reports are designed to quickly give you information on how you’re performing against your KPIs. Our marketing report audit will review whether you’re tracking the right metrics – it has all the information you need in one place and whether you have all the tracking set up to accurately capture the data you rely on.

      Marketing Report Audits

      Review Your Marketing Today & Improve Your ROI

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      More than just an audit

      At Capsule, we pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t just send over your audit and leave you to it. Once your audit has been completed we will run through this with you and explain our findings. You can then go away and implement this yourself or we can support you with implementing the results of the audit. We are happy to work with any third party agencies you use, for example, a website development agency that currently looks after your site.

      Our Digital Auditing Process

      Step 1

      The first step in any of our digital audits is to work with you to define the scope of the audit. We work this way for two reasons:

      1. Firstly you might be well aware of gaps in your digital marketing such as having social media profiles but not actively using them or you’re testing a new platform and are waiting to see if it works for your business. You don’t need us telling you what you already know.
      2. Secondly, you know your own marketing budgets and your team’s strengths and weaknesses. If you know you can’t implement the outcomes of the audit due to budgets or lacking the knowledge internally then you probably don’t need those elements audited.

      If you track and record the time spent on your internal digital marketing activities we will also take this into account when reviewing the return on investment (ROI) of your marketing. Your PPC leads might have a very low cost per acquisition (CPA) but if you’re spending 6 hours a week optimising and managing the campaigns what is the actual CPA and therefore ROI of your PPC marketing?

      Once the scope has been determined we’ll get to work.


      Step 2

      Once the scope of the audit has been defined we will start the auditing process. At Capsule our digital marketing audits are led by our digital team however we also use the rest of our team for their expert insights and solutions. We work with:

      We work with our team of copywriters who understand how to engage your audience and drive them to take action.

      Our design team are UX experts and have spent many years designing websites that are intuitive to use and get visitors to convert.

      The development team get stuck in and get to know your website backend, helping to ensure that our recommendations are feasible and able to be implemented with your setup.

      Our auditors won’t just pick things apart for the sake of adding more things to your audit, we only create action points on things that will improve performance. We will offer insights and background info as to what is already working well and identifying longer-term opportunities.


      Step 3

      Once the audit is complete our digital team will then create a report full of detailed insights and a prioritised list of improvements based on the impact of implementing each improvement, the risk of not doing so and the effort required to make the changes needed.

      This way you can quickly work through the low hanging fruit to give you a short term lift while you work on the areas that will drive long term success.


      Step 4

      As a full service digital agency we can help you implement the findings from the digital marketing audit. As part of implementing the audit results we will also work with you to define the key metrics we’re aiming to improve and then report on the impact of implementing the audit. This can provide project stakeholders with insights into the value of a digital marketing audit and shows the impact you’re having on results.

      The benefits of a digital marketing audit

      There are many benefits to a digital marketing audit that can make a real positive impact on your business.

      Improved ROI

      A digital audit can help you increase the return of your marketing investment. This can take many forms including improving your website conversion rate, reducing the cost per click of your paid social & paid search campaigns and improving workflows to reduce the time spent on managing each aspect of your digital marketing.

      Reduce expenditure on tools

      In the world of digital, there seem to be multiple tools to help with all aspects of your marketing. As part of our audit, we can review the marketing tools you currently use to see if savings can be made by using similar products or by choosing a product that replaces multiple tools.

      Keep up with an ever-changing digital landscape

      The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving from new competitors and tools to new channels that haven’t existed before. A digital marketing audit can help you to capitalise on these changes and stay ahead of your competitors.

      Digital Marketing Team

      Your specialist team of experts

      Chay Kelly Team Image

      Chay Kelly

      Chay is one of our digital marketing executives and comes with 4 years of agency experience and is an SEO specialist. He is also certified in Google Ads for Search. You can find him optimising client websites to grow their organic traffic and helping to build their online presence. In his spare time, you can find Chay out on the bike, in the kitchen or going for a walk with his camera.

      Mike Hall Headshot

      Mike Hall

      Mike is a Digital Marketing Manager with over 10 years of digital agency experience working with clients across B2B, B2C & Non-Profit sectors and qualifications in Google Ads Search, Display and Video. His skills span the full spectrum of the digital marketing mix and he has a particular focus on delivering objective-led, data-driven results for his clients. When he is not immersed in a client’s Google Analytics or Google Ads account, Mike can be found on the golf course, cricket pitch, shredding in his home recording studio or enjoying days out with his wife and son.

      Jamie Gooderham

      Jamie Gooderham

      Jamie is our tech-savvy Digital Marketing Executive. He works hard to develop and build the social media presence of our clients. With his background in paid social, photography and videography and recent qualification in Google Ads Search and Display you can find him working on a range of projects. Outside of work, Jamie plays darts and hits 180s for fun. He loves photography and videography and has more clothes than he knows what to do with.

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.