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Email marketing is extremely versatile and provides you with direct access to your customers. We can support the full email marketing funnel including helping you to build your email list, creating designs and copy that gets people to take action, optimising open rates and increasing deliverability. See how our team can further increase the ROI of your email marketing endeavours.

Enquire about our services

    Enquire about our services

      Why Spend Time On Email Marketing?

      Email marketing probably sounds quite old-fashioned when compared to fancy chatbots, SMS updates and other digital marketing channels. You might also have repeatedly heard over the years that email marketing is dying. This couldn’t be further from the truth with email still providing a 36x return on investment and 50% of B2C consumers buy from marketing emails at least once a month.

      At Capsule, we can help you take advantage of this channel to grow your business, increase customer loyalty and generate awareness.

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      Platform Agnostic

      Over the years we’ve been providing email marketing services to our clients we’ve used a range of different platforms and know each one inside out. We have also supported migrations from one platform to another making sure that all data and custom automations and journeys are seamlessly moved across.

      Email marketing services

      Email design

      Email design can be a challenge when working with the range of devices and email clients used by people to read their email. Our team of UX designers can help you create emails and email templates that are unique to your brand and work across all devices and email clients.

      Journey creation

      Most email marketing platforms allow you to create email sequences and journeys that automatically start as soon as your users trigger them. When someone makes their first purchase you could send them follow-up messages introducing them to similar products you sell. Or if someone signs up to receive a discount code you could then follow up with your brand values and what makes your business unique, encouraging them to shop again. Our team of strategists, copywriters and techies can help you plan, write and build automated journeys for your customers.


      Getting them to open the email is one of the first steps of a successful email marketing campaign, the next step is to keep them interested and to take action. Our copywriters are able to write one-off emails or entire sequences that keep your users subscribed, open rates high and motivate your readers to take action.


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      One-off or ongoing campaigns

      We understand that not everyone needs ongoing support with their email marketing. Sometimes you just need a fresh design for a new campaign or an outside audit of how your email marketing is performing. Other times you just want to leave your marketing in the hands of professionals who know how to maximise the value of your email list. We’re here to support you with both one-off projects and ongoing email marketing retainers.

      Building your email list

      You know that building your email list is something that’s important and an asset to your business but getting started and getting those first few subscribers can seem like an uphill struggle. With support from our digital marketers, you can get your email list up and running in no time. With their background in email marketing as well as conversion rate optimisation they know what customers respond to and how to reduce friction.

      Improving deliverability

      The first, and often hidden stage, of a successful email marketing campaign is making sure your emails make it to your customer’s inbox. We can work with you to improve your email deliverability so your emails skip through spam filters and land in the inbox.

      Creating segments

      Segmenting your audience is one of the best ways to quickly improve engagement and reduce unsubscribes. After all, no one wants to sign up to receive your latest promotions and suddenly find they also get a blog post each week and a monthly newsletter. We are able to quickly identify and create segments out of your audience so that everyone on your list only gets relevant emails they’re interested in.

      Email performance audits

      Have your open rates dropped? Seeing more unsubscribes than normal? Let our email marketing experts take a deep dive into your email marketing set-up to see what’s working well and where problems might be occurring. We can then give you recommendations you can action yourself or we can work with you to implement our enhancements.

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      More than just email marketing

      At Capsule, we can do more than just support your email marketing efforts. Our digital marketing retainers span the spectrum of digital marketing activities including pay-per-click management, search engine optimisation and conversion rate optimisation. With a digital retainer, we can make sure that all of your digital channels are aligned with your business goals and that each channel complements the other.

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      Your specialist team of experts

      Kelly Thake

      Kelly Thake

      Kelly is one of our Graphic Designers and is a lover of all things print and digital. With a BA in Graphic Design from Norwich University and qualifications in UX/UI design, wireframing and team management she leads our design and branding services. She considers ‘the idea’ to be the most important part of the design process, and enjoys using this ‘idea’ to stretch projects further and create a more coherent outcome. Outside of work, Kelly is very active; climbing, swimming and playing badminton most weeks. Luckily we know that we can keep her still at work with a packet of ginger nuts and a milky hot chocolate.

      Mike Hall Headshot

      Mike Hall

      Mike is a Digital Marketing Manager with over 10 years of digital agency experience working with clients across B2B, B2C & Non-Profit sectors and qualifications in Google Ads Search, Display and Video. His skills span the full spectrum of the digital marketing mix and he has a particular focus on delivering objective-led, data-driven results for his clients. When he is not immersed in a client’s Google Analytics or Google Ads account, Mike can be found on the golf course, cricket pitch, shredding in his home recording studio or enjoying days out with his wife and son.

      Chay Kelly Team Image

      Chay Kelly

      Chay is one of our digital marketing executives and comes with 4 years of agency experience and is an SEO specialist. He is also certified in Google Ads for Search. You can find him optimising client websites to grow their organic traffic and helping to build their online presence. In his spare time, you can find Chay out on the bike, in the kitchen or going for a walk with his camera.

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.