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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fundamental baseline digital marketing channel that can provide long-term, sustained, high-converting organic traffic to your website, leading to increased leads and sales.

Our team of professional SEO experts will work with you to provide and deliver an effective strategy that will leverage the 3 essential pillars of SEO:

  • Technical SEO (“Crawlability”)
  • On-Page SEO (“Relevancy”)
  • Off-Site SEO (“Authority”)
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    Enquire about our services

      Our SEO Approach

      We believe in creating objective-led SEO strategies that are flexible enough to adapt to changing situations and new insights. When creating our SEO strategies and plans we use prioritisation methods to make sure our efforts are always focused on creating the best outcomes while ensuring that all optimisations are made in line with business goals.

      Our SEO consultants work closely with our PPC team to ensure that we are sharing the learnings from both channels to drive results bigger than the sum of both parts, such as keyword data and what people take action on.

      We take a transparent approach and pride ourselves in being visible in the delivery of our SEO strategies, keeping clients informed at all times through our action plans that are shared and our monthly reporting and meetings.

      Capsule marketing team working collaboratively

      What Is SEO?

      SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) encompasses a range of techniques to optimise your website to help search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo understand what your website is about and when to show it in the search results. Unlike running ads, SEO optimisations will continue to work for you years down the line without ongoing costs. SEO optimisations also transfer with your site so if you decide to change platform or have your website redesigned, you can continue where you left off.

      These changes generally fall into three broad categories, Technical, On-Page and Off-Site SEO.

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO

      Technical optimisation provides the foundations for a website’s SEO success. This includes your website structure, crawlability (how easy it is for search engines to find all the pages on your site) and indexability (whether your pages will be indexed and included in the search results).

      Technical SEO includes actions such as page load speed, structured data, site structure and deciding which pages to show in the search results. Our technical experts will audit your website to ascertain how well optimised your site is for search engines. By doing this you can be confident that your on-page and off-site optimisation will be as effective as possible.

      On Page SEO

      On-Page SEO

      On-page SEO is all about the words you use on your website. Search engines are looking to answer the user's query, so the content on your site is one of the largest areas where you can make improvements.

      Our changes range from creating new pages to small tweaks to the text you use to link to other pages. It also includes adjusting page layouts to convey your expertise and authority on the subject, which increases the trust search engines place in your content.

      Each element of on-page SEO requires thorough keyword research, an in-depth understanding of your business and goals to work out which keywords are relevant to your business. Our experts then take this understanding and use it to create new content and enhance the existing content on your website.

      Link Audits

      Off-Site SEO

      Off-site is all about improving your website authority within the rules set by search engines. Commonly this is driven by links that appear elsewhere on the web, pointing to your website however this also includes things such as guest blogging, positive brand mentions and reviews.

      An effective off-site SEO strategy will find an appropriate balance of quality vs quantity and leverage both new and existing content to maximise exposure. Our off-site specialists understand how to conduct effective outreach, what makes content worth linking to and importantly they know what falls within the rules set by search engines.

      Our Range of SEO Services

      International SEO

      International SEO

      When your products or services are used all over the world you need your site to perform in every country and language you operate in. We can make sure that your website is available in multiple languages and visitors access the right version straight away without confusing to search engines.

      Whitelabel SEO

      Whitelabel SEO

      At Capsule we are happy to provide white label SEO services to other agencies when they’re lacking the capacity to take on more projects, or if key members of staff move on and you need someone to bridge the gap while you recruit for the position. We can provide this on a long and short term basis.

      Mobile SEO

      Mobile SEO

      With search engines such as Google crawling the web in a mobile-first fashion we make sure that your website is accessible across both desktop and mobile devices. This includes making sure that your website works on a mobile device, is optimised for performance on mobile networks and that there are no technical differences between viewing your website on a desktop or mobile device.

      SEO Audits

      SEO Audits

      If you’re looking to find out how you’re currently performing in the search results, if any issues are holding back your website from its full potential or you’ve noticed a large drop in traffic to your website then our range of SEO audits can help to answer these questions.

      Our SEO team can conduct technical, content and link audits, or a combination of all of them to create a full SEO health report of your site.

      Website Content Audit

      Website Content Audit

      An audit of your website content will show you what’s performing well, what content needs to be improved so that it reaches its full potential and any content that’s not currently on your website that would be of value for your business, users and search engines. We will examine the content you’ve created to make sure it matches the keyword intent, is linked appropriately, is of high quality when compared with the search results and is user friendly.

      SEO Reporting and Dashboards

      SEO Reporting & Dashboards

      If you’re looking to see how well your in house SEO is performing but don’t have the time or knowledge to create reports and dashboards we can help. We can create customised reports that highlight information and KPIs that are important to you and your business. With these dashboards, you can confidently report on your SEO progress and see how things improve month to month.

      SEO Strategies

      SEO Strategies

      All of our retained clients will have an SEO strategy and plan in place. If you have an in-house team that just needs a steer on what to do then we can help. We will get to know your business and objectives to create a tailored SEO strategy that will help to increase the visibility of your website. We don’t just create a list of things to do, our strategies and plans are focused on providing business outcomes and all actions and recommendations are prioritised.

      Website Migrations

      Website Migrations

      If you’re planning on launching a new website it’s important to have an SEO specialist on board to make sure that everything runs smoothly. A website migration is a delicate process and without an SEO on your team, you could lose valuable web traffic and notice a drop in leads and sales. Our team can help support you during the website migration process by helping to preserve the value built up on your old website, flagging changes that can cause a loss in traffic before they do and monitoring the rollout of the new site. This ensures that your new site performs better than the old site and there is a minimal impact on your visibility in the search results.

      Local SEO

      Local SEO

      Our local SEO services are designed to help customers find your business when looking for local services. This service mainly applies to brick and mortar establishments such as restaurants, law firms and estate agents as well as businesses that provide a local service, such as plumbers, electricians and accountants. Searches that contain a local element can easily be recognised as the search results will contain a map element. Our team can help your business appear more prominently when people local to you are looking for the products and services that you offer.

      Keyword Research

      Keyword Research

      Our keyword research is tailored to your business goals and we prioritise a range of keywords to cater for the full funnel when it comes to your products and services. When conducting keyword research we look at the keyword intent, how competitive the keywords are and the search volumes. Once we have conducted the keyword research for each page we then cluster these keywords into groups and look for gaps in the content on the page. We also look at informational keywords around our commercial keywords to identify content opportunities.

      Rather than being a one-off task, our keyword targeting remains under review and grows throughout our time working with our clients.

      Technical SEO

      Technical SEO Audits

      A technical audit will help to establish how well search engines can find all the content on your website and whether this is able to appear in the search results.

      Using a comprehensive range of industry-standard tools, combined with expert knowledge & experience spanning back to the early days of SEO. We monitor client websites closely and can diagnose and resolve issues promptly and proactively, ensuring that technical site health is kept as healthy as possible.

      Where possible we will make technical fixes ourselves with support from our in-house website development team, and where clients have their own web teams/agencies we provide actionable, reasoned, prioritised recommendations.

      On Page SEO

      Content Optimisation

      Using the data gathered from our keyword research or by using keyword research provided by you we will work to optimise your on-page content to improve your ability to appear for these keywords in the search results. These optimisations include the metadata on the page, titles, headings, the main content on the page, images and internal links which ensure that your site can compete, for even the most competitive of keywords.

      Based on our keyword research, we will make optimisations to metadata, content, images and internal linking to ensure that your on-page optimisation enables your site to compete for even the most competitive of keywords. We work in partnership with our copywriters so that we cater for all of our keyword variations whilst still keeping readability and user experience at the forefront of all content we produce.

      Content Gap Analysis

      Content Gap Analysis

      As search engines become more advanced and people create better and better content, our content gap analysis identifies what your organic competitors are including that is missing from your content. As we work through your competitors' content we take note of what topics are mentioned, the format of the content and what links are included. We then present you with our findings and recommendations for your content which we can then write for you or you can work on this in house.

      As well as optimising for our client's products and services, we work to identify additional opportunities to rank for informational and educational keywords that are currently uncatered for. These are generally presented as blog topics and we provide these recommendations as a document outline that we can then produce for you, or you can create it yourself. All of these recommendations are designed to improve your position in the search results and to increase the keyword depth of your site.

      Link Audits

      Link Audits

      Whilst links play a huge role in the perceived authority of your website, sometimes upon further analysis of a website’s backlink profile, it may be that some could be potentially damaging. Often historical link building techniques become outdated and links that were previously deemed acceptable can now pose the threat of a manual penalty or all of the links to your site, even the earned ones can be discounted.

      If your site has had a history of questionable links or you’ve fallen afoul of search engine guidelines by using tactics such as buying links, using the same keyword-rich anchor text or not correctly qualifying your links then our link audit can help to find and fix any issues. We will go through and look at all the links pointing to your site as well as the anchor text to assess what the best course of action is.

      We run link detox reports periodically to ensure that whilst we are boosting the authority of your site, we are keeping it free from potential risk.

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      Why is SEO important?

      SEO is a fundamental part of the digital marketing mix and unlike other services continues to work in the background, even when you take a break. SEO aims to make sure your website appears at the top of the search results for relevant queries to your businesses. By appearing at the top of the search results for relevant keywords you’ll attract new customers right as they’re looking for a solution that you can provide.

      Platforms We’re Experienced With

      Some agencies require you to build your site or host your site with them, or they can only work on sites built on a specific platform. Here at Capsule, you can continue to host your site as you wish and we have experience working on a wide range of sites such as:


      All of the sites that are built by Capsule are built on the WordPress platform so our team has many years of experience when making SEO changes on this platform. Along with our experience in WordPress, we also have experience with the wide variety of SEO and performance plugins available. Our SEO team can make a wide range of technical changes on WordPress sites and anything that extends beyond their abilities can be passed to our in-house development team to action.


      The Wix website platform used to have a very small market share and was predominantly used by sole traders and startups. As the platform has improved over the years these small businesses have grown. Rather than looking to switch platforms, they’re looking to grow their site on Wix. While our team would recommend starting to think about moving to a more common platform we can lay your SEO foundations on Wix and then these optimisations can be transferred to your new platform when you’re ready.


      Sometimes seen as an alternative to WordPress, Joomla is another content management system that allows you to create blog posts and simple sites. We have experience working on Joomla sites and our developers are able to create technical fixes.


      Several of our enterprise e-commerce clients use the Magento system to manage their online store and use WordPress to manage their blog functionality. We have experience in working with the Magento platform to make sure your eCommerce store is performing well in the search results. This includes things such as managing the facets created and site architecture.


      Shopify is the platform of choice when it comes to startups and small businesses first starting their eCommerce business. The Shopify platform makes it easy to manage all aspects of eCommerce although in the past making SEO changes has been a challenge. We have worked with several Shopify sites and we know the common challenges with these types of sites and how we can work around them.


      A Range Of Sectors

      We offer our SEO to a range of businesses that operate in a range of sectors. We work with B2B, B2C, nonprofits and public sector organisations to help improve the organic visibility of their website and reach a wider audience. Our work includes working with Stanbridge, a provider of reusable sluice room equipment, leading London mortgage provider Coreco, the Green Light Trust and the NHS yes2test campaign.

      Take a look at our case studies below.

      Your specialist team of experts

      Chay Kelly Team Image

      Chay Kelly

      Chay is one of our digital marketing executives and comes with 4 years of agency experience and is an SEO specialist. He is also certified in Google Ads for Search. You can find him optimising client websites to grow their organic traffic and helping to build their online presence. In his spare time, you can find Chay out on the bike, in the kitchen or going for a walk with his camera.

      Mike Hall Headshot

      Mike Hall

      Mike is a Digital Marketing Manager with over 10 years of digital agency experience working with clients across B2B, B2C & Non-Profit sectors and qualifications in Google Ads Search, Display and Video. His skills span the full spectrum of the digital marketing mix and he has a particular focus on delivering objective-led, data-driven results for his clients. When he is not immersed in a client’s Google Analytics or Google Ads account, Mike can be found on the golf course, cricket pitch, shredding in his home recording studio or enjoying days out with his wife and son.

      Jamie Gooderham

      Jamie Gooderham

      Jamie is our tech-savvy Digital Marketing Executive. He works hard to develop and build the social media presence of our clients. With his background in paid social, photography and videography and recent qualification in Google Ads Search and Display you can find him working on a range of projects. Outside of work, Jamie plays darts and hits 180s for fun. He loves photography and videography and has more clothes than he knows what to do with.

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.