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Your website is one of your biggest assets as a business and without one you’re missing out on valuable leads and sales. As technology progresses and designs evolve, what once felt modern can now feel outdated. With a bespoke design and build, Capsule can help you create a website that becomes a valuable marketing asset and the home of your digital marketing efforts.

Enquire about our services

    Enquire about our services

      Our Website Development Services

      Coreco website

      New Website Builds

      If you’re starting a new business or need a website for your new idea we can help! Our website design team will work to create a user-friendly design that stands out from your competitors and highlights your unique features. Our development team will then translate the design into your new website which you can easily update and add to.

      Website Redesigns

      Website design changes over time. What could feel modern now might feel old and outdated in a few years’ time. If your website is looking a bit old and tired then let us give it a refresh and breathe new life into it. Our web designers will create a new visual identity for your website and our developers will then go ahead and update your site with the new layouts while retaining key content.

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      Whitehouse Solutions website

      Migrating to WordPress

      If your current site is built on another platform such as Joomla, Drupal, Wix or Squarespace then we can help to migrate your site to the WordPress platform. You can keep the same design or go for a full refresh at the same time. Migrating to WordPress gives you the advantages of an easy-to-update site, access to a wide range of custom development options and a friendly SEO set-up out of the box.

      Improve Existing Websites

      Improve Your Existing Site

      Does your new site need new functionality? Need a new feature or system integrated with your site? Our team of developers are able to add new features and integrations to your existing site.

      Technical Optimisations

      Technical Optimisations

      If your site is feeling slow, sluggish and could do with a tune-up then we can take a look under the hood and see what’s causing issues. We’ve diagnosed plenty of slow sites in our time and we know what to look for, sometimes it’s a quick easy fix such as upgrading your hosting package, other times it can be making small changes across a range of things to help improve the site speed.

      Our Process

      Our website development process takes the time to understand your needs and define the project scope before moving on to design and development with your new site ready to launch.

      • Understand

        The first step in our website development process is taking the time to understand what you need from your website such as educating visitors, turning visitors into leads to selling directly through the site. Once we know what you need from your website we will conduct research into what your offline and online competitors are doing with their websites as well as the wider marketplace. With this information in hand, we can then move on to defining the project scope.

      • Define

        Now we have an understanding of both what you need your new website to achieve and what your competitors and the market are doing we can work to define the project scope and plan. Our project scope will include a cost, delivery timeline and final deliverables. We will then present the project plan and welcome any feedback or amendments to the plan. This is the point where the project is signed off and we will get the build process in motion.

      • Design

        Our team of designers will use the research gathered from the understanding phase to create wireframes for all the template types required for your new site. This will always include a custom-designed homepage, header and footer section. Depending on your brief can also include wireframes for other page such as landing pages, about and contact pages. The blog and single pages on your site will follow a similar design theme but are fully customizable should there be any specific requirements of functionality.

        Depending on the size of your site and your budget we can also create custom designs for landing pages, about pages, team pages and more.

        Once we have created the wireframes for the pages we will then present these to you for feedback and work on any amends that you request. We will then present the amends and once you’re happy with the design of your new site we then progress onto the build phase where our developers and designers work together to build the site.

        If you already have the designs for your website we will review them against our research to make sure that they achieve the objectives you want. If the design and your objectives don’t align we will let you know and suggest changes which we can make on your behalf.

      • Develop

        Once you’re happy with the proposed designs we will start to create your site. Our sites are built on the WordPress content management system (CMS) and we custom build each theme. No off-the-shelf bloated themes are used by our development team. This is also the stage where we manage any integrations required to enhance the functionality of your site, such as calculators, social media feeds and chatbots.

        As the site nears completion, we will share a live preview with you so that you and your team can explore the site and provide any feedback which we can review before we launch the site.

      • Deploy your new site

        Once you’re happy with the site in its final stage, it’s time to get it live and working for your business. At Capsule, we offer a competitive web hosting service so you can point your domain directly to our servers. If you’d rather host the site yourself or you already have a hosting package for your current site, we can package your site up ready for you to deploy on your own hosting solution.

        With every site we build we offer a basic WordPress training session for five team members. This covers how to use your new site including publishing new posts, pages and making updates to the existing pages. After the training session, we will follow up with a guide which you can refer back to and use to help train new team members on how to use the site.

        This is done before the site goes live so you can add all of your content, links and adjust how everything works together on the page. If you have tight deadlines or are just running short on time, we can add your content to the site for you and run through the training session after the site goes live.

        All of our sites come with an hour of support every month for the first three months after the launch in case you need any extra refresher training or further support with any of the elements on your site.

        Our sites are reviewed by our design and digital marketing teams before they go live. The digital team will make sure that SEO best practice has been followed and your site is ready to be optimised by you or by our SEO team if you decide to opt for a monthly digital retainer.

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      Our Websites

      • SEO friendly out of the box

        Before our sites are launched, our digital team will review the site for anything that would cause SEO issues such as noindex tags and blocking search engines via robots.txt. Our sites are designed to be SEO friendly which means they are built with a logical structure and can easily be optimised yourself. If we’re rebuilding your site we will make sure that any existing optimisations are carried over to your new site including page titles, meta descriptions, site structure and structured data.

      • You own it - no custom CMS or contracts

        All of our sites are built on the WordPress platform and once the site is built, you own it. Some agencies and web builders only let you lease the site and once you end your agreement the data, copy, images and everything else is lost. By owning your site you have full control over what happens to it and everything can be migrated to a new design or platform should you choose to.

      • Custom built themes

        We don’t use off-the-shelf themes, offering you a more secure, better performing and user-friendly solution. Once the design has been signed off, our developers will build your theme from scratch. This reduces the risk of your site being taken over due to a vulnerability in the theme and improves the performance of your site as the elements being loaded are the ones being used. Off-the-shelf themes come with lots of features to cater to a range of sites, of which only a few might be relevant to you.

      • We can host

        As well as designing and building your website we are also able to host it on our high-performance web hosting. Once the site has been built the majority of our customers choose to host their site with us however you’re free to choose your own hosting if you’d rather.

        Our sites are hosted on a physical dedicated server with our trusted partner UK Fast – Part of ANS. UK Fast offers extremely secure hosting in government-approved data centres with a focus on reliability and performance. This means your website will be kept safe, secure and performing well for all of your users.

      • Responsiveness

        All of the sites we build are entirely responsive which means they work across all devices, be that mobiles, tablets or desktops. This makes it easy for the user to use and navigate your site without zooming in and out on elements. Responsive design means there is no need to create a mobile version of your website or develop an app for mobile users. This saves you the headache of having to manage multiple versions of your website and increases the SEO value of your site.

        A responsive website isn’t something that’s nice to have — it’s something you need to have.

      • Easy to manage content updates - Bespoke modules

        We make it easy to update your website by building everything in distinct, easy-to-manage blocks with guidance provided in plain English. The majority of your site will be entirely editable by you via the range of blocks we use.

        These building blocks can also be used to design new pages with different layouts giving you the flexibility to create the layout you want while retaining a consistent design across your whole site.

      • Built with HTML5 technologies

        Our sites are built with HTML5 technologies which allow for improved semantic page elements, local storage and improved form features. By using HTML5, the page becomes easier for search engines to understand and by making full use of the features native to browsers we don’t double up on features causing bloat and increased page load times.

      • Performance optimised

        All of our sites are built with performance in mind as we know nothing sends users back to the search results quicker than a poorly optimised website. We understand that not everyone is sitting behind their desk so we make sure your site loads quickly across all devices and mobile networks.

      • Booking and payment system integrations

        Our developers can add functionality directly to your website rather than sending your customers to a third-party site. We have lots of experience in integrating booking systems, event management and payment systems within your website.

      • eCommerce site creation - WooCommerce

        We’ve built quite a few eCommerce sites in our time and we know a thing or two about creating a site that converts visitors into customers. Our WordPress sites use the WooCommerce integration to create a fully functioning eCommerce site in a few clicks, while also making it easy to manage incoming orders and add new products.

      • Third-party API development & integration

        Our developers understand how to integrate APIs with your site to enhance the functionality and introduce new user-friendly features. We’ve built mortgage calculators that don’t just give you a basic figure, but pull in a range of mortgages with live rates. We’ve also integrated email marketing platforms so your leads are automatically tagged and pushed into your email platform.

      • Thoroughly tested - Our sites work on all major browsers

        Not all browsers are built the same and some require workarounds to make sure all of the features of your new site work. All of our websites are thoroughly tested across all major browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge.

      • Social media integrations

        Want to show your latest Instagram posts or insightful tweets on your site? Not a problem for our development team! We can integrate live feeds of all of the major social media platforms within your site.

      • Security and maintenance

        Security and maintenance is a key part of any web build but more so WordPress due to its popularity and large market share. We custom code all of our themes to remove a point of weakness in your site. When hosting your site we make sure everything is maintained including updating plugins, security reviews, malware scans and login security.

      • Brochure website creation

        We can create brochure sites which show your range of products from your catalogue or your range of services that you offer. Promoting customers to get in touch to order from your business.

      Capsule marketing team working collaboratively

      Why WordPress?

      WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) on the web, powering over 43% of websites on the web. Because it’s so popular, chances are you’ve used it before and for those that haven’t, it’s easy to pick up, especially with our included training with each build.

      It’s not just small businesses and bloggers that use WordPress, major brands from all industries including Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Sony Music and The Next Web. WordPress can be used to build any kind of site, from a blog, simple company websites, eCommerce stores and online learning systems.

      Another benefit of using WordPress is the vast ecosystem of plugins and features that have already been built which helps to reduce the time it takes from the wireframe of your site is complete to a fully functional site that’s live.

      Website developers working together

      Your specialist team of experts

      Georgia Monk

      Georgia Monk

      Georgia is our Lead Website Developer with a fantastic knowledge of the WordPress content management system. After completing her apprenticeship and working as a frontend developer at a local agency she joined our team. A typical day for Georgia involves building and maintaining websites for all of our clients. Georgia has a bright and bubbly personality that is reflected through her work. Despite being a web developer extraordinaire, at the weekend she’s a dance superstar running her own school. Some say she brings a whole new lease of life to the kick-ball-change, all we know is that she’s a huge chocolate lover and adores her new pet kittens!

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.