Sustainability at Capsule

One of our company values is caring about people and the planet first and foremost. Since Capsule Marketing first started trading over 12  years ago we have continued to follow and improve on our carbon neutral principles. As most of our work is conducted in the digital ecosphere, our approach is very simple and balanced and something we incorporate into our everyday lives as well as our work for our clients.

Work with a mindful business

    Work with a mindful business

      We work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and where we can’t reduce our impact, we offset it. Key initiatives include:

      Carbon neutral website hosting

      Data centres across the world are responsible for hosting websites, contributing to an estimated 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. We partner with UK Fast to host all of our client’s websites on their carbon neutral web hosting platform.

      Planting trees via Forest Carbon

      Where we are unable to reduce our carbon footprint we take part in carbon offsetting activities including tree planting via Forest Carbon. We have now been planting trees for over 12 years, since Capsule very first started as Zero Above. 

      Capsule have now planted over 40 trees!

      Use of carbon balanced printing services (presses and materials)

      We have an emphasis on digital work, but use sustainable products for print where possible. 

      Electric company vehicles

      We  have EVs in our company fleet, which means we can use these vehicles when meeting new and existing clients and when our video team are shooting videos at locations across the country.

      Remote working 

      As a team we work remote first, reducing the number of cars commuting to and from the office every day.

      Cycle to work scheme 

      As part of our company benefits package we are part of the cycle to work scheme. This means we can all benefit from discounts on new bikes. The keen cyclists in the team often cycle to our team meet ups!

      Promoting sustainable living 

      We’re proud to work with brands such as Gilbarco Veeder-Root who are looking to the future of electric car charging management and alternative fuels.

      While we’re not perfect and 100% sustainable we’re continually mindful of improving our efforts. If every business considered their current carbon footprint and made a few small changes we can collectively make a big difference. 

      If you’re looking to partner with a like-minded business and consider the steps you can take to help reduce the carbon footprint of your website, then please contact us today. 

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