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Why User Experience Is Important In Website/App Design

Website/app design and user experience have come on a long way in the last few years. We are used to seeing so many websites and apps that we have become quite blind to standard layouts. Basic templated websites are no longer enough to capture the attention of a user. It takes something special and more than a basic layout to stand out from the crowd.

The ‘Ditch and Switch’

Users are becoming ever-increasingly time poor and are less and less prepared to go looking for the information they need. We can no longer rely on loyalty alone for business. The upcoming generations have become accustomed to savvy-shopping and are likely to move on if the content is not engaging.

The ‘ditch and switch’ approach is becoming the new standard; from phone contracts to energy plans, to insurance, loyalty is no longer a reward and customers are much more prepared to shop around for the best price.

Keep Your Audience Engaged

The only thing that seems to cut through this is user experience. The time-poor value clear information and ease of use above anything else, which is why user experience is key to engaging a user. From micro-interactions to animation, to video, movement in a site is a great way to direct the user through a process or purchase.

An example of great user experience is shown below; from the blurred background full screen and enlarged search bar to let users know that they are searching, to the responsive search function for quick results, to the button outline and tick gradually appearing on click to let the user know what they have selected – All of these elements add together to create a seamless, easy process for the user to follow. This encourages users to stick around and follow the process right through to checkout.

How We Can Help You

At Capsule, we work by designing a wireframe that we then share with the client for initial amends. After the approval process, it then moves onto the build stage with the developers.

Interactions such as the above are difficult to show within a flat wireframe. As these are becoming more important within the design of websites, we are looking to introduce a prototyping solution at the wireframe stage to bridge this gap.

We envision that this improves a client’s ability to conceptualise the user experience of a website prior to the build. This allows for discussions about these interactions at an earlier stage, hopefully creating a smoother process for all involved.

We are currently experimenting with various software solutions to find the most efficient way of incorporating this into our process.

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