Full rebrand, website design and build and brand video

We undertook a full re-branding project with Arc Legal Group to modernise the design and create brand consistency between Arc Legal Group and its sub-brands and products. With a change of logo, colour palette, font and graphic style, this really was a complete brand overhaul.

We started with market research before coming up with new design concepts. These were refined and developed into a new set of brand guidelines including logos, icons, colour palette, typography, imagery and graphic shapes. We then applied the branding to various assets including letterheads, business cards, presentation and document templates, signage and wall graphics and even a bespoke brand video.

The next stage was to start work on the brand new website. First, we wireframed the site with user experience front of mind. The site was then built from scratch by our website development team, incorporating lots of movement with parallax using the brand shapes, video and micro-interactions.

Arc Legal website after rebrand and redesign on a mobile device Arc Legal business cards
Arc Legal website after rebrand and redesign on a desktop

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