Creation of the new Space East brand

Space Clusters have been developed across the UK as organisations for space research and technology. The new space cluster for the East of England was being created and required a brand identity and marketing assets ready for an exciting launch event.

Working to tight timeframes the Capsule team set to work on creating the brand identity, carrying out a stakeholder survey and using this insight to lead the development of the new brand identity. We produced 3 initial concepts and presented our findings, refining stakeholder feedback to create the chosen identity, logo, typeface and colour palette. 

Logo creation & colour palette

Our inspiration is multi-faceted, just like the advent of space technology. Our rationale was that the East of England is the first to experience sunrise each day, bringing about the concept of ‘new dawn’. By combining a classic sunrise graphic with an emblem of an ‘s’ that mirrors to create an ‘e’ and a tapered edge to represent space launch, we have created an identity that is completely unique to Space East.

The colour palette has been created with a gradient in the emblem to add to the sunrise effect. This clean, sharp graphic mark will fit in well in the world of space, technology, innovation and engineering. There are also more subtle links within the logo mark itself. For example, the reflection in the sunrise can also represent the landscape of agritech or the waves of marine and offshore.

The Capsule team created a brand identity, holding page and website, double sided leaflet and an informative ‘launch’ video.

You can visit the new Space East website we designed and built:

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