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Comprehensive Spanish and Global PPC marketing campaign

We worked with the marketing team at DP World to deliver a comprehensive Spanish and Global PPC marketing campaign in order to help promote the port of Tarragona located in Spain.

Targeting Logistic professionals across 13 different countries worldwide, One of our main objectives was to raise brand awareness for the port by highlighting the different features and the USP’s the port offers in comparison to the 2 neighbouring ports with a particular focus on the savings calculator technology that allows consumers to get quick and easy quotes for shipping.  We used geo-targeting as a method of honing in on our audience locations to make the campaign as targeted as possible.

Throughout October we increased site visitors by 774%

What we did

Facebook Results:

Having spent over £900 we accumulated over

  • 16,460 Clicks to the Savings Calculator
  • 2,700,000 Impressions. 
  • An average cost-per-click of £0.06


PPC Results

Spending just under £4000 we acquired

  • 3,300 clicks through to the Saving calculator
  • 49,000 Impressions with a click-through-rate of 6.6%

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