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See how we developed a beautiful new website for Global Stone and improved their online engagement.

Global stone on ipad
Global stone on ipad Global stone on iphone

What we did

Global Stone, for over 15 years, has been the brand to trust. An award-winning industry-leading supplier of premium natural stone and porcelain paving, Global Stone remain committed to providing innovative, high-quality products.

March 2018 saw the launch of their brand new website, designed and developed by the team at Capsule. Built on WordPress, the site has a number of exciting new features which have contributed to an overall increase in year on year engagement metrics.

Global Stone have such an incredible portfolio of lifestyle imagery that really showcase their products, which is why we felt it was important for imagery to be at the forefront of design.

The addition of rollovers and interactive hovers enables users to view the images in a different way. This, combined with the newly designed product image carousels has helped to increase pages per session by 39.69%, meaning users are engaged with more content across the site.

Interactive enhancements have enabled a 38.33% increase in average session duration. Pages of the site, such as Inspiration, Installation and Maintenance allow users to gain tips from designers, download guides and find out more information on products. These enhancements mean users are engaged with content for far longer, therefore increasing the average session duration.

The new mobile responsive, interactive, informative, easy to navigate, UX designed website has seen a vast reduction in bounce rate, from 50.57% to 32.62%. Previously 1 in 2 users were leaving the site immediately, now it is 1 in 3. This shows that users are finding what they need immediately and exploring the website further.

Page views have increased by 4.56% which is largely due to the introduction of a visible navigation menu. On the previous site, the menu was hidden, meaning users had to click several times in order to navigate around the site. Although a simple design change, the menu is fixed within the header and is clear and easy to use.

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