Fully-responsive website design to reflect unique values

Infotec’s family values are at the core of their expanding organisation. Capsule created a sleek website to showcase their world-leading position.

Infotec Desktop MockupInfotec responsive website

Infotec’s original website was dark and didn’t convey the technological complexity of their technique, nor their 40-year partnership with the UK Underground Survey Mapping sector. 

We put their reputation at the forefront of the site, using sleek and informative tiles preemptively directing site visitors to the four main information pages. These focused on key aspects of Infotec’s service and primary user queries. 

We aimed to enhance the previous website style, using similar, refreshed colours, alongside high-quality imagery and videography, demonstrating their pioneering technology. Capsule brought Infotec into the modern technological sphere, positioning their brand as global leaders of the industry. 

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Infotec on ipad

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