Capsule Marketing were appointed to create and deliver an omni-channel, digital-first campaign raising awareness of the Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited (NSU) brand

Capsule Marketing were appointed to create and deliver an omni-channel, digital-first campaign raising awareness of the Norfolk & Suffolk Unlimited (NSU) brand.

Core to the campaign was a strategy highlighting opportunities presented through the locations, assets, businesses and technologies within the region. This was delivered through the creation of technical content articles and video production, delivered to a targeted, global audience.

A short delivery window was key to the campaign’s success, and Capsule got fully up to speed with the regional and international opportunity quickly and efficiently – collaboration with the team at NSU was critical to success and relationships were built quickly.

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The path to delivery

  • Instant understanding – created with a kick-off meeting between the NSU and Capsule teams
  • Team of 10 specialists:
    • Strategic lead and production lead
    • Digital marketing production & management
    • Design & web development
    • Research & copywriting
    • Film production crew
  • Creative campaign development – a range of solutions based on the brief and Capsule’s knowledge and experience of marketing to segmented global audiences
  • Planning – workback schedules, regular meetings and updates ensured both the NSU and Capsule teams were aligned every step of the way
  • Research & analysis – linking with key stakeholders to ensure content creation was accurate, relevant and of interest. The key aim was to initiate engagement with the target audiences
  • Rapid video production – filmed on location through challenging lockdown and weather conditions; the production output has provided content that can be used ongoing for future campaigns
  • Marketing methodology & technology – the best digital marketing channels were chosen based on objectives, budget, audience size, targeting and profiling
    • Paid Social Media
      • Objective: Prospecting to new and existing potential leads.
      • Built around dedicated, sector specific campaigns, targeting 2 sectors per month
    • Organic Social Media
      • Objective: Brand Awareness & Understanding
      • Targeting local stakeholders, intermediaries and existing companies using hashtags, and appropriate creative content.
      • Extend the narrative and understanding with new customers
    • Remarketing was deployed with all website visitors via LinkedIn to ensure maximum coverage and brand recall. We rotated 1 ad from each sector targeting all website traffic from the clarity website page and people who interacted with the LinkedIn page.
  • Analysis & optimisation – throughout the campaign, the performance of all digital marketing assets has been optimised by the Capsule team to deliver further reach and best use of budget. We utilised features such as the Twitter audience network and the LinkedIn audience expansion to increase performance through ads. We also regularly switched campaign objectives such as clicks, landing page views and video views to deliver the best use of budget.
  • Collaboration & communication – with the NSU team, stakeholders in key locations and other third party partners has delivered the project on time and on budget
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