Re-design and development of an E-commerce website

Weber UK was first established in the UK during 1974 as a manufacturing subsidiary of Weber Hydraulik GmbH.

Many of Weber UK’s products are approved by the British MOD and NATO forces, also numerous O.E. organisations – meeting all technical and quality requirements.

Weber Uk website on mobile
Weber Uk website Weber Uk Hydraulic equipment

When we started working alongside Weber UK, their website almost appeared to be an afterthought to their very popular and successful brochure. Our job here at Capsule was to refresh the website design, bringing it in line with the brochure, maintaining the branding that has made Weber UK so successful but offering visitors a more interactive and engaging experience.

Ease of use was at the forefront of the design process. We wanted to be able to showcase all of Webber UK’s high quality products in an aesthetic and accessible way, where users can easily and quickly search for the specific product that they require, or browse from an extensive range. We were able to integrate an intuitive product search option that made all of this possible with a completely seamless transition.

The colour pallet was maintained so that the website ran in conjunction with the brochure. Nevertheless, the reduction and rebalance of the blue and white colour scheme alongside the incorporation of some more high quality and engaging imagery options gave the brand a refreshed and reinvigorated feel.

We were also able to build an in-depth document resource where we are able to display Weber UK’s catalogue, specification forms, manuals, certifications and much more. This feature enables easy access to necessary, crucial material that is vital in Weber UK’s market sector.

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