Working Through Covid-19 With Our Clients

by Capsule Marketing on 7th May 2020

The team have been working through Covid-19 remotely in isolation since the 11th of March. We have continued to deliver our range of marketing services ‘business as usual’, keeping in contact with our clients via all the conferencing platforms imaginable, as well as telephone.

Our work over the last 6 weeks includes websites, campaign landing pages, video content in multiple languages and social listening research, which helped us to better understand the landscape in relation to Covid-19, logistics, marketing and future communications.

Times have changed considerably in the last few weeks, as has the work we are delivering for clients. Much of which now has a distinct focus on keeping the world moving during Covid-19. We’re proud of this work we have delivered to support both business and the charity sectors. So we wanted to share some of this here, via a dedicated page.


Keeping the world moving – Gilbarco Veeder-Root

As a long-standing client of ours, Gilbarco Veeder-Root provides front-line fuel and retail services and we have supported them with interactive infographics and other communications used to assist their customers around Europe.

Visit their website here:

(Click the image to see full Infographic)

Essential PPE Logistics – DG International

As one of the UK’s leading logistics organisations, DG International has been working in partnership with Neurored in the US to develop a PPE delivery platform to get products where they are needed most. We have worked with them to create a website, video and infographic to promote this. All within 1 week of receiving the brief.

Visit their website here:

(Click the image to see full Infographic)

Keeping trade flowing – DP World

Global logistics are at the heart of all communities and we understand the importance of this. We have developed an infographic that is used at port level in Europe to promote the importance of Covid-19 precautions.
Finally, we have created posts on Twitter to promote the hard work DP World is doing to keep essential trade moving around the globe.

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Nature-inspired online wellbeing – Green Light Trust Air

Delivering essential services to many people in our community, Green Light Trust has evolved it’s programmes swiftly into a service that can be delivered online through Zoom and Vimeo. We have worked with them to deliver the brand Green Light Trust ‘Air’ along with marketing materials to promote it to organisations and clients.

Visit their website here:

(Click the image to see full Infographic)

Yoga & wellbeing for all

Our resident Yogi Rachel has been delivering breathing sessions with the team since we have been working remotely. Over the last 3 weeks, we have invited our clients to join us in our breathing session. Rachel is also conducting private sessions for client teams across Europe.

You can view all of the work we have been doing on our social channels and the website.

Capsule marketing team working collaboratively

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