Your guide to creating optimised landing pages

Here at Capsule, we’ve run hundreds of campaigns and support our Capsule+ clients with a baseline of PPC or paid social ads. Every campaign requires an optimised landing page, and with the data we’ve collected over the years, we know the differences between what makes a good and a great landing page.

So, how do you create a successful landing page?

Download our guide for creating optimised landing pages


    Download our guide for creating optimised landing pages


      We share some best practices for creating an effective landing page that drives conversions. We will help you consider:

      • Content hierarchy
      • Download form
      • Building trust with social proof
      • Testing
      • Call to Action
      • Tracking
      • Consistency
      • Video
      • Page speed

      Download our guide to take away our top tips for creating a landing page which will convert visitors into leads.

      Download our guide

      We work with a wide range of clients from international corporations to local independents and charities.

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