AI in design

by Eleanor Morath on 14th July 2023

AI in design could be our new best friend – Here’s why


Artificial intelligence is only just starting to make an appearance in the world of design. What used to be a painstaking manual task has become possible with the click of a button. Our machines are able to predict and aid us in the creative process, and this only expands the realms of possibility in terms of our creative outputs.


Many might be unsure of this new technology, and there’s definitely some reason to be. The world is still learning how to use it, what is the right way to use it, and what it is best used for. 

However, we are making good progress, and it’s starting to show in how designers use AI. A great example is within Adobe.


Adobe has recently caught on to the AI hype – releasing Beta versions of their most popular software. Notably, for us here at Capsule, we have been loving the new features in Photoshop Beta. Below are some examples of our favourite new features:


Contextual Task Bar

The first thing we noticed in Photoshop Beta is the contextual taskbar. This is a small menu bar that appears and gives you a range of options based on what the AI believes your next steps will be. For example, we have been using this feature to instantly select objects within images. This has helped us streamline our processes massively, saving plenty of time otherwise spent manually outlining objects.

dog running

Generative Fill

One of the most talked about features so far has been Generative AI. This feature works by taking an image and predicting what is needed to fill in any gaps. This works great when an image needs to be extended without enlargement or stretching the original photo. 


Another exciting aspect of generative fill is the ability to add objects into images based on the image content. See below an example where a variation of lighthouses can be added into the photo simply by asking the software to ‘add a lighthouse’. This is really exciting as it adds endless possibilities to the personalisation of stock imagery in particular.

AI in design

Removing Objects

This feature has for years been a case of cloning, repainting, manually removing, and a lot of time taken to do so. Artificial intelligence in 2023 has come far enough now that this is no longer a problem, and designers are able to simply select an object that needs to be removed, and instantly, AI can predict what that space should be replaced with. No more strangers in the background of photos!


The great thing about these new features is that Adobe’s AI uses Adobe Firefly to create images, utilising their own stock library. This is far safer for use in a commercial environment, as we can be assured the imagery has not been produced based on stolen artwork (which has, unfortunately been a major issue within generative AI). Similar features are popping up elsewhere too, with Canva using a similar tool. 


There is still plenty of room for improvement within AI and design. Some might say that AI could get too good so that it replaces designers completely, however here at Capsule we believe in working with technology rather than against it, and it is important always to keep that personal touch that only the human brain can come up with. We’re looking forward to seeing what else becomes possible and how we can use artificial intelligence in our designs to streamline our work process and create professional outcomes for our clients.


Eleanor Morath - Graphic Designer

Written by Eleanor Morath

Eleanor is one of our Junior Designers and loves to bring ideas to life. Eleanor joined us after achieving a BA in Graphic Design from the University of Suffolk where she also completed a design internship. She really enjoys coming up with new concepts and her favourite part of design is when an idea ‘clicks’ and all the possibilities are endless. Outside of work, Eleanor is a keen gamer and can often be found playing the latest pc games (It is no coincidence that her favourite games have a lot of design aspects!). She is also an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her cat, Casper, and puppy, Pixie.

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