The Capsule Guide To Brand Positioning

by Simon Isaac on 5th April 2022

Digital marketing isn’t the new normal, but it is here to stay. The content you use is essential. 

Compelling, relevant and engaging content will catapult your brand above others, Travis Scott broke records with 12.3 million viewers during his Fortnite concert, Joe Wicks’ ‘PE with Joe’ series during lockdown popularised his exercise plans across the country.

In a post-covid world, brands that succeed are those who work to get noticed above the noise with engaging content that furthers your brand values. Contact us now about your brand’s values.

Focus on your values and vision

Boardroom decisions can have a heavy impact on brand image when values aren’t carefully and honestly adhered to. Ikea positions itself as an ethical brand, however, they are the biggest consumer of timber in the world. Tony’s Chocolonely builds its brand on ethical chocolate bars, however, they were recently implicated in child slavery in West Africa, a total departure from their stated values. An effective brand image is not enough, you must act in line with your stated values.

Be memorable for the right reason

With Covid having set customer expectations higher than ever before, the first impression new clients receive must reflect your brand and the relationships you wish to establish. According to a Microsoft study, 30% of customers would not give brands a second chance after a single poor experience. Undoubtedly, the impact of COVID has emphasised this with 75% of US consumers changing brands during lockdowns.

Consider an environmentally friendly brand position

Increasingly, consumers are gravitating toward brands who’ve focussed on environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical purchases. Building back better post-COVID, creating positive brand awareness and building these values into the company mission positions you as an ethical choice. 62% of UK respondents in an Accenture study state that they care about sustainability, fair working conditions and eco-packaging.

Understand changing needs

In business to business fields, COVID has changed the way in which organisations are operating. 20% of buyers hope to return to in-person sales, whilst there is a 23% increase in revenue share driven by eCommerce. Identifying your key audiences and the main points of change in their needs is essential to moving forward and developing your business. With 55% of consumers choosing brands they trust during lockdown, paying attention to the needs of your customers builds this trust. Get in touch to find out how we can help you today!

Action points for your brand

Marketing strategies designed pre-COVID will not be as viable with your clients today. There is more online noise and creative marketing strategies are the most effective way to stand out against this. Authenticity, alongside a commitment to brand promise, service and customer satisfaction consistently builds trust.

Consistent touchpoints with consumers and make the most of online marketing tools such as SEO optimisation and social media algorithms. Using these tools to their full capacity puts your brand in front of the right audience.

Capsule will adeptly position your brand to meet the ‘new normal’: from online marketing strategies to understanding the development of customer expectations, we offer creative solutions. 

We’ve worked with the Essex Fire Service to optimise their training for online delivery when in-person is not possible. Developing the Air Programme for the Green Light Trust focussed on supporting mental well being in those aged from 4 to 80– especially important following the impact of lockdowns on collective mental health.

To discuss adapting your brand to meet the challenges posed by a post-COVID market, contact Capsule.

Simon Isaac

Written by Simon Isaac

Simon has over 30 years marketing experience, a diploma in marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has owned and run Capsule (formerly Zero Above) for over 10 years. As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he delivers strategic capabilities to every client project, having worked with leading organisations across the globe. Outside Capsule, Simon loves Cyclocross and yoga and is a passionate EV advocate. He’s also a Board Trustee for Green Light Trust, a Suffolk based charity for mental health and wellbeing.

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