Google’s November Broad Core Update – Time To Reassess?

by Jamie Gooderham on 23rd November 2021

It’s that time of year once again where Google update their constantly evolving search-based algorithm. As we know, Google updates their search engines up to 8 times per day, but this can be anything from minor changes up to major core updates to the system – we tend to find that the major core updates are what affects us the most and Google will usually announce these prior. So what does this latest November ‘21 update do and what does it mean for businesses? 

Google Search Central Twitter Update

What Impact Do Google Core Updates Have?

Well, for starters, your site may experience some volatility in search visibility, depending on the update. There’s no actual telling what the update will be or how it will affect you until it has happened, but Google’s advice on what to do doesn’t necessarily give you any specific actions – it does however give you a list of questions to consider if you have been hit. 

Googles advice is as follows:

  • Expect noticeable effects, such as spikes or drops in search rankings.
  • Pages that drop in rankings are not being penalised; they’re being reassessed against other web content that has been published since the last update.
  • Core updates are “broad” in the sense that they don’t target anything specific. Instead, they’re designed to improve Google’s systems overall.
  • Focusing on providing the best possible content is the top recommended way to deal with the impact of a core algorithm update.

SERP Volatility in The Last 30 Days

SERP Volatility throughout the November Broad core update

What To Do If You Have Been Affected? 

Well, as Google’s advice states, there is not a whole lot we can do. Typically updates take about 1-2 weeks to fully roll out so the full effect will not be visible until this has happened. But seeing as there have not been any specific actions to take, all we can do is continue to offer up-to-date, top quality content and ensure the health of our site is the best it can be from both a user experience and usability perspective. If your site has been affected and you’re not sure why, an SEO audit can help to spot any legacy issues affecting your site.

We will update this post as we gather further information in the coming weeks – in the meantime if you would like to speak to one of Capsule’s SEO experts about how we can help maximise your search visibility, get in touch


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