Marketing the switch to Electric Vehicles

by Freya Miller on 4th August 2023

As an agency Capsule Marketing has grown and evolved with e-mobility and delivered a whole range of marketing solutions to the sector in this time.

With EVs in the company fleet and seasoned EV drivers ourselves, we are truly immersed in the sector and aware of the challenges faced by both EV drivers and businesses. Using our true-living EV experience and expertise, we have worked with clients as they evolve in the e-mobility sector, from branding to launching new EV products and services. campaigns/marketing and video production/drone filming.

Everything about transport changes for a consumer switching from a petrol vehicle to an EV (Electric Vehicle). Nissan first explored this in 2011 with an advert designed for the Nissan Leaf, which asks, ‘What if everything ran on gas?’. You can watch the advert here.


Calling attention to the electric elements of our everyday lives, Nissan makes an EV seem like a natural part of a technology-enabled life. Petrol vehicles, in this advert, are an outdated mode of transportation. However, the majority of today’s consumers and manufacturers aren’t there yet. Awareness of EVs is growing, as is the variety of models available, but there is a significant need for innovation in the way the EV lifestyle is marketed. 

At Capsule, we believe that a creative and innovative approach to marketing, focussed on a specific consumer and their pain points, is the most effective strategy. To help you start thinking about what this might look like for your company, we’ve explored two types of potential EV buyers and how you might connect with them. 

Client One: Young Professional 

The young professional is looking to trade up their current vehicle. They enjoy driving and need to know that they’ll love the feel of an EV on their favourite route just as much as they do in their petrol car. The look and feel of the car is important, as they want to reflect their status in what they drive. Attracted to manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes and Audi, they gravitate towards established brands. Despite this, they want to know that they are doing good for the environment and have heard varied reports on EVs and their impact. 


  • An aesthetically pleasing vehicle
  • A great driving experience
  • Lower environmental impact

The young professional might have the following reservations about EVs

  • “The driving experience will be nothing like a Petrol vehicle, and I don’t know if I will enjoy that.”
  • “I don’t know if EVs are better than petrol vehicles for the environment, doesn’t the electricity come from fossil fuels too?”

These pain points largely occur from a lack of information about EVs. To reach this consumer with EV products, a company would dedicate time to becoming an authority on all things EV so that they can provide substantiated answers to these questions. Make information available about driving experiences, emissions comparisons, and more. To reach this audience, use social media trends and influencers in relevant lifestyle spaces, both aspirational and informative. 


Client Two: Retiree 

The Retiree is looking to downsize from their current car to a more cost-saving alternative. They have heard limited information about the potential cost benefits of EVs but worry about the home and away electricity costs and technology involved in EVs. They are used to the reliability of petrol vehicles and are not looking for high-maintenance vehicles. Reliability and ease of use are key for this customer, and whilst they are willing to explore EVs, they are hesitant to make such a big change. 


  • A reliable and familiar vehicle
  • A budget-friendly option
  • A car which is durable and doesn’t need much maintenance

The Retiree might have the following reservations about EVs:

  • “I don’t know if EVs are cheaper than petrol vehicles on cost of fuelling/ repair/ maintenance/ battery replacement.”
  • “Are there enough charging points to reliably get me through my journey without running out of battery?” 

These pain points suggest that the Retiree is not looking for a significant change in their maintenance and repair routine. They are interested in the potential time and cost savings they could make with EVs but need to be sure they’ll have access to reliable infrastructure. Meeting these reservations with easy-to-read comparisons and dedicated time to talk to professionals are examples of appropriate outreach. Marketing EVs and EV solutions as cost and time-saving, even over a longer period of time. Address these pain points with an open, information-first approach. 


If you’re struggling with identifying and modelling the behaviours of your target audience, contact Capsule today. Our team of experts are ready to craft a bespoke approach to suit your needs.

Freya Miller

Written by Freya Miller

Freya is a copywriter and researcher, who is near-obsessed with the hunt for the ‘perfect’ word and is currently completing her BA in English Literature at the University of St Andrews. She writes social posts and longer articles for our clients, researching all the topics in depth to write the most informed articles possible. However, absolutely none of this happens without a strong hit of coffee in the morning! When she’s not writing copy, she’ll likely be writing about her most recent read, or cooking an extravagant meal for the family.

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