Sustainability and what it means for us at Capsule

by Laura Shewbridge on 19th May 2023

From a young age, I have always been concerned about caring for our planet, even writing a poem in the early 90s about the hole in the ozone layer, which I entered into a Blue Peter competition! Joining the team at Capsule was the first time I’d worked for a company that was mindful and actively taking measures to reduce the impact on the environment. The core company value at Capsule Marketing is caring about people and the planet first and foremost. 


Since Capsule was founded in 2010, the agency has continued to follow and improve on its carbon-neutral principles. Most of our work is conducted in the digital ecosphere, so our approach is simple and balanced. Our initiatives include the following: 


Carbon-neutral website hosting

Data centres worldwide are responsible for hosting websites, contributing to an estimated 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. We host over 100 client websites, all hosted on accredited carbon-neutral servers.


Planting trees via Forest Carbon

Where we cannot reduce our carbon footprint, we participate in carbon offsetting activities, including tree planting via Forest Carbon. We have been planting trees for over 12 years, which has helped create over 1.2 hectares of woodland.


Upcycling equipment

Upcycled equipment(computer equipment, phones etc.) is used where possible. 


Use of carbon-balanced printing services

We emphasise digital work but use carbon-balanced printing services when our clients require print work. 


Electric company vehicles

We have EVs in our company fleet, which means we can use these vehicles when meeting new and existing clients.


Remote working 

As a team, we work remote first, reducing the number of cars commuting to and from the office daily.


Cycle to work scheme 

As part of our company benefits package, we are part of the cycle-to-work scheme. This means we can all benefit from discounts on new bikes. The keen cyclists in the team often cycle to our team meet-ups!


We have worked with and supported clients across multiple sectors, including those within the AI net zero, new energy and plant science sectors over the last 12 years. Our devotion to delivering net zero has never wavered. While we’re not perfect and 100% sustainable, we’re continually mindful of improving our efforts. If every business considers its current carbon footprint and makes a few small changes, we can collectively make a big difference. 


If you’re looking to partner with a like-minded business and consider the steps you can take to help reduce the carbon footprint of your website, then please get in touch with us today.

Laura Shewbridge

Written by Laura Shewbridge

Laura joined our team as Marketing Manager. She has worked within business development at a digital marketing agency and sports nutrition brand, as marketing coordinator at a private orthodontic practice and as a wedding planner! Her diverse career has given her the chance to meet clients across a range of industries and she loves listening to their marketing challenges and helping them find solutions. Outside of work (and often during her lunch break) Laura loves running. She’s a member of a local running club and has completed 10 marathons, over 100 Parkruns and has been a guide to a blind runner.

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