Tips to improve engagement with your LinkedIn audience

by Laura Shewbridge on 18th August 2023

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for both businesses and professionals. As with other social platforms, LinkedIn relies on an algorithm for pushing content to its users. Over the years there have been several changes to the algorithm, and as marketers we need to gain some understanding of the updates to improve engagement, especially when  using social media as part of top-of-the-funnel marketing. 

LinkedIn measures a number of factors to determine the relevancy of your content to your audience and favours content which generates authentic and meaningful engagement. This new development will surely see that content moves away from personal posts (perhaps more suitable for Facebook) and encourages original, engaging and educational content, allowing LinkedIn to remain as a business and employment-focused social media platform. 

With the new algorithm in mind, here’s our top tips for boosting engagement on LinkedIn: 

Research  your audience

If meaningful content will be prioritised then it’s crucial to take the time to tailor your content to your audience. Conduct research into your audience to gain an understanding of their challenges and monitor industry trends and news. This insight will help you to craft engaging and educational content or share views on current insight which will prove valuable to your LinkedIn audience.

Develop conversations and connections

The benefit of creating rich and valuable content is that it is likely to encourage sharing, raise questions and comments from your connections and reach a wider audience. The updated algorithm acknowledges the strength of connections between users. Be sure to reply to any comments or messages and take this opportunity to build connections and start conversations. 

Video content

Video content has become an important part of a successful digital strategy. Video performs well across all social media platforms and LinkedIn is no exception. The algorithm favors native video content as it will tend to keep users on the platform for longer. To increase the chance of your video content being featured in the feed, consider creating informative and educational video with your target audience in mind. For ideas on suitable video formats and how to create great video content download our helpful guide: So you want to create great video content but don’t know where to start? | In Depth Guide To Impactful Video (

Consider when your audience will be on the platform

Once you have taken the time to research your audience and  have created specific valuable content then it’s crucial to make sure your content gets in front of them!  Consider when your audience is likely to be on LinkedIn and pay attention to the times that you post your content. For maximum exposure, schedule your posts at optimal times so you reach your audience when they are most likely to be online. Develop a content calendar and  schedule posts ahead of time to make this easier. 


Laura Shewbridge

Written by Laura Shewbridge

Laura joined our team as Marketing Manager. She has worked within business development at a digital marketing agency and sports nutrition brand, as marketing coordinator at a private orthodontic practice and as a wedding planner! Her diverse career has given her the chance to meet clients across a range of industries and she loves listening to their marketing challenges and helping them find solutions. Outside of work (and often during her lunch break) Laura loves running. She’s a member of a local running club and has completed 10 marathons, over 100 Parkruns and has been a guide to a blind runner.

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