The Future of EV – Capsule Trends Report

Over the next decade or so Electric Vehicles (EV) are set to oust combustion engines out of their market dominance. The last few years have seen EV prices drop and performance improve, which in turn has driven an increase in consumer engagement and a change in EV perceptions (from negative to positive).

Capsule have been embedded in the E-mobility movement since the business began in 2011 when the founders committed to switch to driving EV’s as soon as they were able to. At that time, vehicle choice was limited until 2014 when the BMW i3 came to market and the game changing EV caught the eye of Managing Director, Simon Isaac. The passion for EV and the genuine interest in carbon footprint reduction has served the agency well. A recent campaign development for Gilbarco Veeder-Root’s Veefil EV charging solution launch, allowed the agency to bring its knowledge of the e-Mobility movement to the fore and incorporate learnings and messaging into the materials. The development of ‘The Future of EV Trends Report’ further bolsters Capsule’s commitment to the advance of EV and the positive effects it brings to the evolving mobility market and more importantly, climate change.

The production of our trends report was fuelled by our social listening research which found a 105% increase in social media conversations around EVs year-on-year from 2017 to 2018. There were 425,000 online conversations in 2017 compared to 870,000 in 2018, a remarkable growth percentage. If you work in the transport, logistics or engineering industries, it is time to start listening to your audience and their perceptions of how the electric vehicle industry is changing; in order to understand how you can align your sales and marketing initiatives to capitalise on these content marketing opportunities.

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EV is changing, find out what over 1m people are talking about online and how this impacts your marketing decisions.

According to Morgan Stanley, the future of motoring is EV bound with 4 out of 5 cars sold worldwide predicted to be an EV by 2050, as consumers move away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles over time. Concerns are starting to fade and myths burst as the technology and infrastructure built around EV becomes more visible and mainstream.

The volume of conversation surrounding EV is on the rise with an average 48% year-on-year increase since 2012, however most notably a huge 159% leap from 336,000 online conversations in 2016 to 870,000 conversations in 2018. This in part was driven by conversations around the ‘future of EV’ which was one of the most discussed topics in 2018, making up 18% of all online conversation (159,000 mentions), which in turn stimulated the agency to write this trends report.

In our full trends report we explore the key reasons behind the increasing levels of online conversation around EVs, the top consumer concerns, perceptions of car manufacturers, and trending topics. Download our trends pack below including the full report, infographic and explainer video.

The Future of EV – Capsule Trends Report
The Future of EV – Capsule Trends Report

EV Evolution in Transport & Logistics

As environmentally friendly intermodal transport becomes more of a focus for manufacturers, retailers and food producers, the advent of EV for road, rail and sea is starting to become a reality for the business community. The groundbreaking Tesla hype spearheaded by Elon Musk and it’s CAV trucks throughout 2018 is now an incredibly well known and appreciated manufacturer.

The reality of EVs in logistics already exists in London, where UPS has converted a number of its delivery vehicles from diesel to electric. Around 50% of vehicles have been converted at present with plans to convert the rest, alongside introducing custom built EVs in the very near future. In our trends report we also explore the data behind the increase in EV truck in social media related conversation, growing 258% year on year from 2,100 mentions in 2017 to 7,515 mentions in 2018.

Download our Future of EV Trends Pack

Greener intermodal logistics are driven by a shift to electric vehicles. Transport, manufacturing, production and retail organisations need to learn from the online conversations happening now. Our Future of EV Trends Pack explores these 1m+ datapoints to understand how audience perceptions are changing. Download our pack today to receive our Trends Reports, Trends Infographic and Animated Infographic Video.

The Future of EV – Capsule Trends Report

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