Earth Day at Capsule Marketing

by Sakura Dunn on 22nd April 2022

Today is Earth Day and as an agency, we wanted to share with you how we are continuing to follow and improve on our carbon neutral principles which were first created when ZeroAbove/Capsule Marketing started trading over 10 years ago.


What Is Earth Day?

Earth Day first began in 1970 and every year on the 22nd of April it is a reminder to protect the environment, restore damaged ecosystems and live a more sustainable life, in order to improve the health of our planet.

At Capsule, this is something we strongly believe in, a value we all share as a team and something we incorporate into our everyday lives as well as our work for our clients.


Our Carbon Neutral Efforts

As a team we work hard to reduce our impact on the environment and where we can’t reduce our impact, we offset it. Here are some of the things we do at Capsule to do our bit for the planet.


Planting Trees

Where possible we avoid creating emissions in the first place but where we are unable to reduce our carbon footprint, we offset the emissions by planting trees. By planting trees via the Forest Carbon programme, we offset the emissions we create. We also support projects such as reforesting and preserving the wild areas we still have.


Recycling & Composting

At our office in Earls Colne, we have several different bins to separate our waste. This ensures as little as possible goes to landfill where it can leak toxins into the ground and creates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, as it breaks down.


Invest In Sustainability

As a business, we are conscious that all of our choices have an impact on the planet. This is why we work with like-minded suppliers such as Sitebulb. Sitebulb invests in projects to offset the carbon footprint of their team as well as the users who use their software. They even go as far as to plant trees for new newsletter subscribers and people starting a free trial.


Hybrid Working

As a team, we spend a lot of time working remotely which reduces the number of cars commuting to and from the office every day. These savings quickly add up when you multiply them across our whole team.


Investing In EVs

Simon, our Managing Director can spend a lot of time in the car travelling around the country when going to meet new and existing clients, which is why he has invested in a BMW i3 electric car. BMW built a dedicated factory for its electric vehicles which is totally carbon neutral, with energy generated by wind. With its carbon-neutral factory, the car creates less than a tonne of carbon to be produced.

Jamie, our Digital Marketing & Video expert also spends a lot of time out and about finding new locations to shoot videos for our clients. We have recently invested in an electric Peugeot 208 for him to reduce the impact of visiting our clients on-site when going to film and scouting new locations.


Carbon Neutral Website Hosting

Across the world, data centres are responsible for hosting websites, storing your pictures and making sure your favourite films are available for you to stream. However, they also have a large impact on the planet. Data centres are responsible for approximately 2% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions which is equivalent to nearly the entire global airline industry.

At Capsule, we partner with UK Fast to host all of our client’s websites on their carbon neutral web hosting platform. This ensures that our websites and our digital marketing activities have a reduced impact on the planet.


Cycle To Work Scheme

As part of our company benefits package, we are part of the cycle to work scheme. This means that we can all benefit from discounts and interest-free payment packages on new bikes and accessories. With Chay and Simon both keen cyclists it means they can jump on the bike for short trips rather than having to take the car.


Promoting Sustainable Living

We work with brands such as EV Driver which specialise in EV charging infrastructure and Gilbarco Veeder-Root who are looking to the future of electric car charging management. Working on campaigns with these businesses allows us to live our values and share them with the wider community. The more people that hear about the importance of sustainability the bigger the impact will be on our planet.


Looking To The Future

While we’re not perfect and 100% sustainable this is something we’re continually working towards. If every business takes a step back to think about their current carbon footprint and makes a few small changes we can collectively make a big difference. Get in touch with us today if you’re looking to partner with a like-minded business.

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