Why Your Brand Needs to Invest in Video in 2022

by Jamie Gooderham on 18th March 2021

The internet is a complicated ecosystem of words and information, and understanding audience behaviour is imperative, with peoples’ attention spans shrinking they have limited time to consume large amounts of information. Video marketing provides brands with a more accessible, engaging and extremely shareable medium to reach their audience. In this article, we will explain the ‘why and how’ of incorporating video into your marketing plan. 

Why Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

Creates a memorable experience

According to Forbes, users spend up to 88% more time on websites with video than without. Whether it is a product demonstration, facility tour, brand promotion, animated infographic, or just an easy-to-consume catchy social post, video allows your audience to retain the information easier and quicker. Studies show users retain 95% of a message when they watch as opposed to only 10% when they read it. For us, the figures speak for themselves. 

Builds Brand Integrity & Loyalty

Not only is it both more engaging, inspiring and connecting, with stimulating graphics and audio, but it also becomes easier to convey the correct emotion and tone of voice. It also allows your audience to put a face to your brand. It’ll become easier to play into your audience’s emotions if they can hear your tone of voice as relevant moving visual representations of your brand. 

Increases Shareability

Creating content that is both quick and easy to consume is imperative in reaching your audience wherever they are and whatever they are doing. Mobile optimisation is slowly beginning to take over, with up 91% of adults having their phone within reach at all times. Content optimised for mobile literally places your brand in the palm of their hands, with users much more likely to watch a video on their mobile than any other device. 

Increases SEO and Rankings on Google

We all know that user experience, fulfilling search intent and accessibility are top of Google’s agenda when it comes to page rankings. If Google loves video, then you should too. More and more searches on Google now feature a whole section with videos on that topic so if you’re not producing content you’re missing out on potential traffic to your website. Google has also recently rolled out its MUM ai algorithm to better understand what’s going on in your videos and automatically adds chapters and key moment information so that users can skips directly to the parts that answer their question.

The fact is, users spend more time on a website with video than a website without video. If users are spending more time on your site, they are likely enjoying the content, and the chances are other people will too. The more video on your site, the more this will boost your overall SEO. 

How to Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Strategy

Product demonstration/information videos

If you’re trying to market and increase sales of a particular product or service, whether it’s an intricate animation or real-life product reviews, both can be incredible converters. 

Your enthusiasm for your product or service is contagious as much as you would like to; you probably won’t have time to sit down with every customer and walk them through it. Before purchasing a product or service, a user may come to your site looking for examples or instructions for what they are buying. This is where you need to harness the power of video to promote, highlight or explain your product or service in an engaging and entertaining way. 

Repurpose existing video into macro-content

Another excellent way of incorporating video into your marketing plan is to repurpose existing videos into smaller snippets for social media. Not only does this provide you with an in-depth explainer video, but it also gives you significantly more content so you can break it down and focus on specific areas. 

Give your audience a virtual tour of your facility or office

Want to truly demonstrate your breadth of capabilities to your audience or give a virtual tour of your new office/facility to your customers or employees? Virtual tours of your facility, product portfolio or office can give your audience a great insight into the brand they are buying from or servicing. Both of which builds trust, relationships and knowledge of your brand. Showing what you are capable of or if your location plays a significant role in your USP as a brand, video can confidently demonstrate this more engagingly. 

These videos can also work great internally if your company has relocated or carried out a revamp at your headquarters/office, particularly from a health & safety perspective. You can show all your employees at once, and give them a tour of the new location. 

Whether you need drone footage, POV tours, 3D graphics or demonstrations, Capsule utilises all the latest gamification, drone and Steadicam technology to ensure quality is maintained at the highest standard throughout. 

Show what goes on behind the scenes

Showing behind the scenes footage of what goes on within your organisation demonstrates transparency and openness. Even getting your employees involved with interviews or fun tasks can give your audience a chance to know the people behind the brand and help put faces to names. This can be hugely powerful.

Video testimonials

If your audience is on the cusp of buying a product or service or just need that extra motivation to do so, video is a great call to action driver. Every day we trust our peers much more than we would trust a company we don’t know. So why not leverage your existing customer base to provide potential new customers with proof of how your product or service benefited them. The most common forms of testimonials are written & video testimonials. Video testimonials add that extra layer of persuasiveness and personality, allowing your audience to see the reality and tone of voice, making it the right way to go if you need to convince your audience to take action. 

Here at Capsule, we utilise all the latest technology such as up to 6k video, Steadicams, drones, Unreal Engine 3D productions and the latest up to date editing and animation software to inspire and create amazing videos. We also have a dedicated film crew onboard and a team of digital marketers, graphic designers and web developers, which all help bring your video to life online too. 

See more of our work and how we have helped integrate video into our client’s marketing strategies.

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Jamie Gooderham

Written by Jamie Gooderham

Jamie is our tech-savvy Digital Marketing Executive. He works hard to develop and build the social media presence of our clients. With his background in paid social, photography and videography and recent qualification in Google Ads Search and Display you can find him working on a range of projects. Outside of work, Jamie plays darts and hits 180s for fun. He loves photography and videography and has more clothes than he knows what to do with.

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