How to Keep Your Website Safe in 2022

by Capsule Marketing on 16th September 2020

Cybersecurity is essential to keeping a website online and safe for visitors. Without proper consideration and preparation for website security, hackers can exploit your website. The consequences of this could include financial loss, brand reputation issues, and poor search engine rankings.

Capsule Marketing takes cybersecurity extremely seriously. Here is an overview of just some of the security considerations and practices we have put in place to help secure your website that’s hosted by Capsule.


Backups are a crucial part of keeping your website safe and people can quite often overlook this until it is too late. A backup of your website ensures that we can easily get your site restored in a worst-case scenario with minimal downtime. We use regular automated backups utilising multiple backup methods combined with multiple backup locations to eliminate a single point of failure.

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is used to ensure all of your sensitive data is secure when it’s transferred across the internet. An SSL certificate is crucial even if your website does not handle sensitive information like online payments or credit card information. All sites we host automatically get an SSL certificate applied which automatically renews while the domain is pointed to our server. Furthermore, Google now takes into account if your website is secure when it ranks and indexes your site. Giving priority to sites that have a valid SSL certificate in place.

An SSL certificate is a simple, no-fuss addition to your site which increases the overall security of your site but also the SEO value.


Users can often overlook passwords when it comes to security with being guilty of not changing the password regularly, having a weak or guessable password or sharing the password with multiple users. It is crucial that passwords are secure and we maintain them as this is often the first line of defence against attackers getting into your site. Capsule Marketing has put in a password policy that includes several methods of ensuring passwords meet requirements to keep sites safe.

Security Scanning (Antivirus / Anti-malware)

While we take measures to ensure your website’s security it is still possible for an infected file or user to find their way onto your site. This could be through a user uploading an infected file to your website through a contact form or a plugin which has a security vulnerability. For this eventuality we have several security scanners which check your site regularly for any harmful files that shouldn’t be there. We have several methods to reduce the risk of harmful files/users entering your site.

Here are a few of the ways we do this:

Brute force attack protection

A brute force attack is where a malicious user will attempt to gain access to your site. Hackers do this by attempting several username and password combinations until they manage to gain access. This may sound like it can take a long time but attackers can use sophisticated programs which try multiple usernames and passwords in seconds. This type of attack is where having a strong password is effective. Having a simple password in this scenario is where attackers will easily be able to gain access. We have steps and security measures in place to reduce this type of attack.

Regular website updates

The software and plugins that a website runs on are updating constantly and it is crucial to keep up to date as these updates regularly include security fixes and patches. Leaving a site without updating it can leave it open to known and documented vulnerabilities. Capsule Marketing takes a few steps to reduce this risk by updating plugins and platforms regularly, building our sites with a ‘fewest plugins possible’ mentality and also keeping up-to-date on news sites that report security breaches or vulnerabilities.

Controlled server access

Access to our server and platforms is tightly controlled for your security. This means that only Capsule Marketing will be accessing the server that hosts your website.

Security scans

Prior to go-live or when introducing a new site to our server we always perform a thorough security check and scan on the site to ensure it is a safe site for us to host.

Hosting Infrastructure

We will only ever house our hosting server and your website in government and ISO-certified, ultra-secure data centres.

Not only does your solution sit behind a Cisco ASA firewall as standard, but our data centres are also ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards, which ensures your solution is protected by exceptional levels of security at all times.

Working with our server hosts we are able to guarantee 100% network uptime, ensuring your business is always online.

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