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by Capsule Marketing on 6th August 2020

Why sound and audio branding should be music to marketers ears

(Turn sound on before playing the intro)


As a kid, some of the most memorable adverts on TV were those that had a catchy theme or song. Who remembers ‘always the real thing?’ That served Coca Cola for decades and in recent decades, the Nokia ident, composed by Thomas Dolby became synonymous with the brand and I can still hum it now.

We now offer audio branding to the Marketing Capsule our brand development service and here’s why:


Another brand touchpoint

Logo and colour are critical to your brand success but sound will allow you to reach your target audience in other ways and on another level. A recent Harvard Business Review study identified that sound and audio branding can dramatically improve brand recall, something we consider the holy grail of marketing, which is another touchpoint that helps build trust and longevity in an audience.


Almost everyone is using devices at home these days, such as Alexa. Over 50% of searches are now voice searches and in today’s busy information world, people can often be untouched by your brand and its visual image. This is where audio branding comes into its own.

Confidence, comfort and familiarity

Even in a B2B environment, confidence, comfort and familiarity are aspects of building brand trust. BMW, Audi, Intel and LG have retained the same sound ident for over 5 years and we recognise them every time we hear them.

The story behind our new brand

There were 3 keywords in front of mind when we developed the Capsule brand, which is a good place to start when considering your own audio brand identity;

  • Symphonic – To bring a confident, quality edge to the brand, we chose an orchestral, symphonic feel for the audio brand, to support the animated identity of the Capsule components converging to create the perfect combination of sound and vision.
  • Approachable – Nobody wants to connect with a brand that is unfriendly or appears so sophisticated you would express caution when considering approaching or engaging with it
  • Dramatic – There’s no point in creating something that doesn’t provoke an emotion. We used the dramatic sound of strings to build a thought-provoking identity, with a resonant ‘ping’ sign off to bring an air of digital reality.

We hope you like it. Our good friend and musician Lloyd Price of The Frixion fame composed it just for us and we love it. If you are interested, We always available for conversations about branding and how colour, sound, typography and experiential connection bring a unique feel to brands, We could literally talk for hours about it. Reach out if you are in the same place.

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