How To Optimise Your Website For Voice Search

by Capsule Marketing on 4th May 2020

Keeping up with the younger generation and voice search

As time goes by we can only see how quickly technology evolves and how we can often get left behind. In the digital design world, it’s so important that we keep up to date with ongoing trends. Trends such as voice search, as well as, new technology and features. These enable us to provide top quality services to our clients whilst staying one step in front of the curve.

One of the latest developments which we see in day to day life is voice search. We’ve all heard of Siri, Alexa and Okay Google but we haven’t realised how much this new technology is becoming a necessity rather than just a handy feature.

Some say, voice search is ‘the next big thing’ we say, it’s already here:

  • By 2020 50% of all searches will be voice searches.
  • 2 in 5 sat voice-activated devices are essential to their lives
  • 19% of people use Siri at least once a day and
  • Using voice search on a daily basis for teens is 55% and for adults 44%

Why is it growing so quickly?

Voice searching is considered 3.7x faster than typing. This is proving an effortless and more convenient way of searching which compliments the digital world we live in where instant answers are becoming the norm.

At the end of the day, faster searches equal faster answers.

"Hey Google, How can I improve my website SEO?"

So how do you optimize your website for Voice Search?

There are a variety of factors that can help enhance your website for voice search. Some of these include:

Website speed

It’s incredibly important that your website is fast and mobile-friendly. Most people when using voice search will be using a mobile device. It’s not gone unnoticed, our attention span has shortened over the years and users like to engage as much as possible. So if your page is taking long to load its likely that users will simply close it and try another alternative.

Natural language

Voice searches are longer and more conversational If your profession uses a lot of complex language look at simplifying it. Voice search will likely include simpler, less computer-like language so by including this you would be more likely to appear within the search. Needless to say, this will affect how we do keyword research.

Include questions within your content

Look at including question-related content within your website content. Voice searches tend to be questions where people are looking for direct answers. This means you should never disregard longer tail keywords because as voice search increases the new ‘normal’ keyword length is only getting longer. This can then be combined with schema markup to make it even easier for search engines to present your answer.

For example, you might type in ‘SEO’ in your search engine to find out how to rank. Whereas a voice search might look something like ‘How do I get my site to rank on Google’. By incorporating these longer keywords into your content means you will more likely rank better for these queries.

Google business profile

Make sure your Google My Business profile is completely filled out, including your description, business hours, name, address, and phone number. Take a look at our post on optimising your Google my Business profile. After a recent survey, almost half of the business had one or more details with false information. By making sure all of your information is filled out and accurate you will increase the trust that Google has in your business. This can lead to improved local SEO results.

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At Capsule we always build our websites to be SEO friendly and by keeping on top of the latest trends we are able to plan for the future by taking time in the studio to practice our best efforts and delivery the highest quality service. 

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