5 LinkedIn Profile Tips — How to get Noticed on LinkedIn in 2022?

by Capsule Marketing on 30th September 2020

Did you know LinkedIn has over 675 million active monthly users of which 4/5 users are classed as high-level decision-makers?  In this article, we are going to show you how to get noticed on LinkedIn by leveraging both your personal and business profiles together to boost your brand awareness. 

5 LinkedIn Profile Tips

  • Incorporate local keywords into both your tagline and description.
  • Invite your personal connections to follow your business page. 
  • Notify employees when social posts go live.
  • Create a compelling LinkedIn banner for your page. 
  • Focus more on video and carousels. 

Incorporate Keywords

The first step on how to get noticed on LinkedIn is, believe it or not, keywords. Users can actually search by keywords and location to find businesses or users that relate to the area of expertise they are looking for. So by incorporating these into your bio, it will boost you higher up the search results. Keywords might include the type of products or services you provide and/or the location in which your business is based.

Invite Your Personal Connections

In most cases, for small to medium-sized businesses, your personal profile will have more connections than your business page does have followers. This is due to LinkedIn’s smart new invite-to-follow feature exclusive to personal profiles. If you are an employee or admin of that page, you can invite your personal connections to like your page. 

Notify Employees When Social Posts go Live

Spreading the awareness of your business doesn’t always have to be a job for just you. Involve your employees too. When making a social post live, LinkedIn will give you the option to notify your employees which automatically sends out reminders via email or straight to mobile allowing them to easily share it to their connections. In any size organisation, this is a must-use feature. 

Create a Compelling LinkedIn Banner for Your Page 

Compelling visuals is by far now the modern-day standard in communications for any business. Creating a banner not only should align with your business’s look and feel but also assist in selling what your business is about. This means in a first glance, users should be able to quickly and easily tell what your business is about. 

Focus More on Video and Carousels

Now, as you may know, it’s become rather apparent over the last decade that attention spans are on the decrease due to ever-evolving technology which can yield an instant response. Because of this, video and short-form content is booming, as it is content that is easy to retain and engage with. 

LinkedIn recently began to push these types of posts organically because of these exact reasons. This doesn’t include links from other social platforms or from YouTube videos – this seems to apply to videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn. An easy way of doing this is a common technique that we know as micro-content. Micro-content involves breaking down larger videos into smaller snippets, uploading these to LinkedIn while providing the link to the full video in the description. 

Boost Your LinkedIn Organic Search Results with Capsule 

Here at Capsule, we endeavour to increase our client’s organic results; not just on LinkedIn but using similar techniques across all platforms. We do this by keeping up-to-date with trends and new technology. 

If you have any questions about how to get noticed on LinkedIn or run a paid advertising campaign then get in touch with our team of digital marketing experts.

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