Why You Should Invest in Professional Logo Design

by Eleanor Morath on 9th June 2022

It seems easy enough, right? Just head onto Google, find a picture you like, add your business name under it, and you’re good to go! Who needs to pay for logo design anyway…

Designing your own logo might save you money, but your logo is at the forefront of your business and should be taken seriously. It is important to give a good first impression to your audience, and good logo design could be the difference between gaining a new customer or losing out to a competitor. Here are some reasons you definitely shouldn’t be DIY’ing your own logo.

Designer designing a logo

You are likely not trained in design

If anyone could create a successful logo, there would be no need for designers. Designers spend years learning and understanding the ins and outs of conveying a message through visual communication. It is likely that you have not had this training, and you might not understand why certain colours or fonts should be used.


It might not get the right message across

When designers look at creating a logo, a lot more thought goes into it other than just “does it look good?”. A successful logo will convey a message to your audience that directly links back to your brand. A lot of factors go into this, the style of typography, the colours used, and other sometimes unobvious hints that your audience will subconsciously receive and make them remember you. It’s easy to forget all these factors if you’re not used to design, and you could end up with a confusing logo that your audience doesn’t understand.


A professionally designed logo gives you higher credibility

A logo is essentially the face of your brand, it is the one thing that your audience will associate directly with you. People can tell when something has been invested into, and it gives your business far more credibility when it’s clear that it’s been done properly. This can often be what sets you apart from your competitors, as the consumer will go for who seems more trustworthy. A DIY logo might reduce how professional your business appears and put you behind others who have invested in a well-designed logo.


Your logo might not be versatile

Another thing a designer considers when creating a logo is how well it can be used across various applications. For example, if it works on a light or dark background, overlaid on images, really small or super big. Designers also create logos in vector format, meaning they can be reduced or increased to any size without losing quality (such as going pixelated). Unless you have the correct software to achieve this, it’s unlikely that your DIY logo will work in this way, and you might realise this right at the worst moment – for example, if you need to make a sign or banner and realise your logo is a blurry mess when printed at this size! It’s generally best to invest in a professional logo by a designer that will provide you with the correct files for any situation.


We hope this helps to explain the importance of investing in a professional logo as part of your digital marketing strategy. As a creative full-service digital marketing agency, we have an in-house design team who are here to help you with all things design! Get in touch at hello@capsulemarketing.co.uk to discuss your branding today or take a further look at our branding and brand development services.

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